Platja D’Aro is one of these small towns, where beach is everywhere and you want to come back each time you come to Costa Brava. A perfect place for nature lovers who enjoy seafront and look for intimate coves.


Platja Gran is the largest beach of Platja D’Aro and is centrally set. Almost all tourists come to this one. There are other small beaches for people looking for peace and quiet and unspoiled beaches. Cala Rovira, Cala del Pi, Cala Sa Cova, Cala d’es Canyers and Cala Belladona represent those tiny beaches where you can enjoy quietly your time at the beach

All the beaches have coarse golden sand. The beach is full every time in summer, we went on winter and there were not people laying at the beach, but were a lot of people walking and enjoying the sun. Like we did. Along the beach there is big variety of restaurants and bars. Again, we went in winter and almost all of these were closed.


What we liked more about Platja D’Aro, was playgrounds. This town is for sure a family friendly place, as there are various areas for children on the beach and seafront. As well a lot of playgrounds in the center of the town.

Another point we liked a lot was, free parking spaces right in the center of the town. I think in summer you won’t find easily a parking space if you come at the midday as in any resort town in Costa Brava.

platja-daro-1 platja-daro-2 platja-daro-6

How to get there: Platja D’Aro is north of Barcelona. The easiest way to get there is by car. We took highway and it cost us Barcelona – Platja D’Aro – 5.35EUR and the way back Platja D’Aro-Barcelona – 6.56EUR. It was strange that the same route cost us differently on both ways.

Parking: There are a plenty of spaces to park your car. Be sure to come early in the morning on summer time to have space.

Hotel: We stayed at Silken Park Hotel San Jorge. More about our experience at this hotel find here.

Other things to do:

  • As mentioned previously, there are plenty of restaurants and bars, with prices for any pocket. With big variety of Mediterranean and international food.
  • Shops. Even if, it is a small town, you can find everything you need. From a newspaper to kids toys, or even brand clothes.
  • Places to visit, are not as much as this place is well known as a resort place, where people come to relax and disconnect.
  • Kids zone: Everest Costa Brava and Aquadiver. Not much to say, as we haven’t enjoyed from this activities, because we went in winter.
  • Diving. We have seen that on summer time Platja D’Aro is a perfect place for diving. Look at our diving experience in Costa Brava here.



Throwing back last year this time we went to Mallorca. Mallorca was a family adventure for different reasons:

  1. We went there to celebrate New Year’s Eve
  2. I was pregnant with our second son
  3. We went there with parents, with mine and my husband’s, so you can imagine that we were a lot of people, what made our journey unforgettable.

Mallorca, Alcudia


Flights in December are always for a very good price. We bought our flights on and payed 50EUR per person for a return ticket from Barcelona.


We choose a big apartment where we could stay all together. The apartment were taken for 285EUR, for 7 adults and a child. Nestled in Alcudia, one of the best towns in Mallorca. There we had to walk only one street to be at the nearest beach.


We rented a minibus from Hertz right at the airport. Hertz for different reasons: for price, proximity of parking to the airport, professional staff and great variety of cars. We paid 450EUR for the minibus for 5 days.

Our family adventure to Mallorca was great. From Alcudia to Cala D’Or, best time together.

  1. First thing we did when we got there, was walking by Alcudia beaches and see the marvelous sightseeing. As it was 31st of December, the beach was our place to celebrate New Year with champagne and fireworks.
  2. On the second day we went to discover the municipality of Alcudia.  The Old Town represents remains of a Roman town, and there you can see the medieval town walls which spread in front of the Church of St. Jaume. This old walls belong to the ancient city of Pollentia.
  3. Our next stop was Cap Formentor. It is hard to get there, because of serpentine road. Even though, it is worth riding there, as you will have part of stunning views over the sea and the hills.
  4. Port de Soller and Fornalutx were our next stops of our family adventure to Mallorca. This is the place where old meets modern. It was a combination of old buildings in Fornalutx to great yachts in Port de Soller. The architecture in Fornalutx, is of stone and red roof tiles, with most of the buildings built in different levels, what makes the sightseeing to be spectacular. Port de Soller nestle a great amount of spectacular yachts and a beach where you can lay in summer and take sun.
  5. Then Deia, which is a small village, it has an idyllic landscape that remained in my heart. Orange and olive groves on steep cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean, makes this village a fairy tale village.
  6. Valldemossa is another small village, worth to stop by, and discover its Spanish culture and ld building. The beauty of this village, makes you feel a part of medieval history and the culture that has been there for centuries.
  7. If I would talk about luxury and stunning views of the sea, beach and yachts I will tell you that Port of Andratx is the right place to stop by. Rich houses overlooking the harbor and the sea. I would recommend you to visit this place at the sunset time, it’s really romantic!
  8. Magaluf is another place to be in Mallorca. Even if, it is the most touristy place of Mallorca, I think that it is overrated, as there are a lot of villages to stay in Mallorca much better than Magaluf.
  9. Palma de Mallorca we left for the last day of our stay in Mallorca. It is a great city to get lost through the streets of old town and to visit the King’s residence in Mallorca. Main sightseeing to see in Palma:
  • Palma Cathedral – a spectacular Gothic creature right in the center of the city, I would say that this is the most important place where you have to go while in Mallorca for your first time.
  • Bellver Castle – has very beautiful views over the sea, port of Palma and city of Palma.
  • Santuari de Lluc – an old monastery. Old town – all the old architecture impressed us, because made us feel in the old times.

10. Calas de Mallorca (Beaches of Mallorca) – the island is full of beautiful beaches. All of them are clean, with crystalline water and with various land craft along the beach. Below are all the beaches of Mallorca: Alcudia, Andratx, Arenal, Cala Bona, Cala Mayor, Cala Mesquida, Cala Millor, Calas de Mallorca, Cala d’Or, Cala San Vincente, Cala Ratjada, Cala Vinas, Camp de Mar, C’an Pastilla, C’an Picafort, Canyamel, Colonia Sant Jordi, Deia, Illetas, Magaluf, Paguera, Palma, Palma Nova, Playa de Muro, Playa de Palma, Portals Nous, Porto Colom, Porto Cristo, Puerto Pollensa, Sa Coma, Santa Ponsa, S’Illot, Soller, Valldemossa. We’ve seen few of these, as we went there in winter, and the best to explore Calas of Mallorca is when you go on summer.

mallorca-1 mallorca-2 mallorca-3 mallorca-4 mallorca-5 mallorca-6 mallorca-7 mallorca-8 mallorca-9 mallorca-10 mallorca-11 mallorca-12 mallorca-13 mallorca-14 mallorca-15 mallorca-16 mallorca-17 mallorca-18 mallorca-19 mallorca-20 mallorca-21 mallorca-22 mallorca-23 mallorca-24 mallorca-25 mallorca-26


It had been few months since we last visited Costa Brava – and that was for a day at the beach. We use to go to Costa Brava since we came to live to Barcelona. And it always surprise us with its stunning views over the sea.


This time we choose Platja D’Aro, and this gorgeous hotel on Cala Cap Roig beach was our home away from our home. We needed a familiar room for all our family. And this hotel offered us a bit more than that – here is the link to the hotel. We had a huge room for us and a big living room with a sofa and 2 single beds for our kids, of course we requested a cot for our baby. And it
was more than enough space to have a cot in the living room as well. There were 2 storage furniture for all our clothes and I liked it, as when you go with 2 little kids you have to take with you a lot of stuff. The bed and the bed linen was very comfortable.

silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-26silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-20 silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-24 silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-25 silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-32

Needless to say, we spent a fair bit of time at the terrace. The terrace is soooo big, there is a lot of space for a table and chairs and two sun loungers only for us (:), of course, it is winter outside, and we didn’t use of these).

silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-27 silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-31

For Damian getting in and out of the room was fun, even when we came back home he told he enjoyed a lot our stay at the hotel.

We couldn’t get any closer to the beach. It was right there, we had only to go down by stairs and voila, the beach is ours. Lovely sunny day, made us enjoy the sea at its highest in winter time.

silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-13 silken park hotel san jorgesilken-park-hotel-san-jorge-14 silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-16 silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-21 silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-22 silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-23

Breakfast is enjoyed daily at the buffet restaurant. And yes, there where enough options for Damian as well. As he could choose whatever he wanted. When you book your room, it usually comes with breakfast included, as well you can have half board. Once in the hotel you can ask for a dinner, but you have to reserve it previously at the reception.

silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-1 silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-2 silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-3 silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-4 silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-5 silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-6 silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-7 silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-8

Other special features were, the spa and gym room. We haven’t made use of these, but we have seen that gym has gorgeous views over the sea. So during your workouts, you enjoy the sea views, motivation is on top!

silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-11 silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-12

On this trip we actually wanted to see another destination in Costa Brava, Platja D’Aro. But it was really difficult to leave the hotel, because of all facilities and views it has. We loved the rooms, the service was excellent and the location unforgettable.

silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-9 silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-10 silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-18 silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-19 silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-34 silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-35 silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-36 silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-37 silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-38silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-39 silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-40 silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-41 silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-42 silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-43 silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-44
About the review: We were guests of the Silken Park Hotel San Jorge and all opinions are, as always, our own. Room rates for a familiar room vary between 150-300 Euros per night per room, including breakfast. Prices varies from summer to winter.


Even if Marrakech is not the fairy tale city of the tales “1001 nights”, it, for sure, has to be. It has all. From the famous Arabic merchants who sell goods to Aladdin lamp, which can be bought at every corner of Marrakech. Everywhere, where you go, you have to negotiate the price. Moroccan people will never tell you the final price. Even to take a taxi from The Medina to your hotel will require some negotiation skills. Sometimes it is funny, as this is the way merchants communicate with tourists. Sometimes it is boring, as you know that the price for what you want is really high, but you are not keen to negotiate it.

What amazed us most was that a lot of Moroccan people speak at least 3 languages: Arabic, French, English, some of them speak Spanish, and other merchants wanted us to impress with few phrases in Russian. As a merchant city, they know that the language is their power. It is the way they can sell goods better.

Like many Moroccan cities, Marrakesh is a combination of an old fortified city packed with vendors and their stalls (the medina) and of new part of the city Gueliz or Ville Nouvelle. The contrast between the old part and new part is very big, is like on both parts live very different people. The Medina impressed us by the quantity of merchants, and everybody try to sell anything to you. When you pass, they even shout you to enter to their stall and see the goods they sell. After viewing a lot of pretty images on Google, we didn’t expect to see that the most crowded place to be so dirty.



Flights to Marrakech. Flights from Barcelona on the low season are cheaper, like any other destination on a low season. You can have a cheap flight for 30 eur in low season and 80 eur in a high season.

Transport. During our stay in Morocco we took taxi every time. Even the taxi we had to negotiate, because the initial price was 5 times higher than the real one. The bus we didn’t even try to take, as when we saw how full these go, we thought that it is impossible to take any.

Hotels. If you want a nice service and great facilities, choose at least a 4 star hotel. We stayed in a Riad Hotel, not so far from the Medina.

Food. It is very spicy. Both of us, me and my husband like spicy flavors, and we were impressed of the food. Try the chicken and olives tajine as well as the prune, almonds, and mutton tajine. Other yummy dishes are the vegetables with different flavors. No alcohol served. And this means that you don’t have to miss the tea. All the restaurants and bars have ginseng tea with cinnamon and ginger. The tea is poured into glasses from high above to swirl loose tea leaves to the bottom of the glass. This way of serving the tea improve its flavor. Take a note, that refusing tea when it is offered, is considered impolite.

Remarkable places of Marrakech:

  • Koutoubia Mosque – is the tallest building in Morocco, and it is closed for non-muslims to visit it.
  • Majorelle Gardens –  a lovely gardens, which boasts a collection of plants from across the globe. Inside the gardens is also the Berber Museum.

marrakech-1 marrakech-2 marrakech-3 marrakech-4 marrakech-5 marrakech-6 marrakech-7 marrakech-8 marrakech-9 marrakech-10 marrakech-11 marrakech-12 marrakech-13 marrakech-14

What to do outside the Marrakech:

The idea was to take a minibus with a private guide who speaks Spanish. We found a very polite guide, who was very keen to show us the true Morocco. We went to discover Atlas Mountains and villages that round the mountains.

Amizmiz, Asni, Essaouira, Oukaimeden, Ourika Valley, Setti Fatma – all these villages we visited for different reasons:

  • see charming views over the mountains Atlas.
  • learn the roofs of Argan oil products, and the time it takes till we have these products in our houses.
  • buy Argan oil products.
  • eat tanjias from local bars.
  • buy masterpieces made from rocks.
  • take a camel ride

It was a full day tour within these villages, where we enjoyed the flavour of Moroccan country life.

What to buy once you leave Morocco:

  • Aladin lamp
  • Olives
  • Small teapot
  • Dates, almonds, nuts
  • Spices
  • Cumin, Curcuma, Cinnamon, Ground Ginger
  • Souks – traditional shoes, which represent the country
  • Cooking tajine
  • Argan Oil Products

morocco-1 morocco-2 morocco-3 morocco-4 morocco-5 morocco-6 morocco-7 morocco-8 morocco-9 morocco-10 morocco-11 morocco-12 morocco-13 morocco-14 morocco-15 morocco-16 morocco-17 morocco-18 morocco-19 morocco-20 morocco-21 morocco-22