Last Friday we were honored with a special invitation to the Vienna Family Event, organized by Vienna Tourism Board. To be honest, it was a pleasure to assist to such an event. From our 8 months of blogging this is our first event ever.


Apart of having a great evening at Poble Espanyol, with a lot of kids activities on the event. It was simply amazing to discover Vienna in a new way.


About our previous experience in Vienna.

Vienna was visited by us 3 years ago, in one of our stop over, while we were flying to Moldova. We had 6 hours to wait for our next flight and we decided to spend this time wisely. We bought a train ticket and visited Vienna city center. Damian was only 1 year, and it was a great experience for him and us. We went exploring a new place, a new undiscovered city. 

Even though, we have visited Vienna for 4 hours, we would really love to come back. If not this year, next year for sure. Stay tuned with our next travels.

Family Event organised by Vienna Tourism Board.

The event took place in a private space at Poble Espanyol. The idea was to divide the place in different workshops, where kids discovered through games the best places to visit in Vienna.

  • We took images on the wall of the biggest Prater.
  • We had a Vienna 360 degrees virtual visit through Vienna city center.
  • Kids were enjoying the best music art of Vienna, they could also play with instruments.
  • Damian had the opportunity to be Zebra for an evening.
  • Marc enjoyed his frankfurt.
  • Daddy and mum enjoyed best smoothies.

And at the end of the event we won a special cake, very delicious one.

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What to say, a great experience for us as bloggers, and a great experience for our kids to discover a new culture.

Below I would like to share some pictures by Vienna Tourism Board.

Wien, 2016, Copyright Wien, 2016, Copyright Kunsthistorisches Museum, Wien, 2009, Copyright (c) WienTourismus Peter Rigaud_Wine Tavern Schübel-Auer (c) WienTourismus_Christian Stemper_Danube Island (c) WienTourismus_Christian Stemper_Giant Ferris Wheel (c) WienTourismus_Karl Thomas_Prater © WienTourismus Christian Stemper, View of the Ringstrasse Parliament © WienTourismus - Christian Stemper_Adria Wien at the Danube Canal © WienTourismus - Christian Stemper_Summerdays on Old Danube Wien Tourismus, Fiaker, Wien, 2015, copyright © WienTourismus Peter Rigaud_Wieninger vineyard on the Nussberg © WienTourismus Christian Stemper, MuseumsQuartier Wien Tourismus, Fiaker, Wien, 2015, copyright


Today I am, finally, sharing a little glimpse at our time in Sitges. A small, quiet place that we made a 1 day escape with our kids, last weekend. Those of you who follow our adventures on instagram and facebook, already know that we had a pleasant stay in Sitges. It was marvelous, as our kids slept at the beach more that 2 hours with their grandparents, and we 2 went to discover the old town of Sitges.

sitges, barcelona

Sitges, is a small town directly along the water – it’s only 30minutes outside of Barcelona. We went there several times, and even if we stayed only during the day, it is worth going for at least 1 night stay, as the town is priceless during the day and night. Overall, a super relaxing and insanely beautiful place to visit while you are in Barcelona with or without kids.

sitges, barcelona

Getting to Sitges.

We went there by car, and it is about 30-40 minutes to get there. The price of the highway is 6.68EUR. you can easily get there by train (renfe or rodalies), there is a train each 15 minutes, from Pg de Gracia or Sants train stations. It gets you in 30 minutes to Sitges, and the price for a one-way ticket is 4.10EUR.

sitges, barcelona


Even if it is Catalan town, Sitges is a very touristy place. And a lot of residents are not Spanish. There are residents from France, Scandinavia, Great Britain, Netherlands. So you will easily find the way to communicate with people.


What to do in Sitges.

Our first stop, after finding a parking was, obviously, the beach. We went to the beach that is closed to the Church, as we wanted to make some beautiful images with our kids there. As you know, when you have a perfect plan, then all the things go against the plan. Kids slept badly the night before, and were exhausted after the car ride, and didn’t want to take any picture. So, we decided to slow down the plan and thought, Ok, if we won´t take any pictures of Sitges, I will have a look into our old images to publish the post.


After 1 hour or so, of spending the time at the beach, both of the kids went asleep, I think the water and the sea breeze made its job. Thinking on what to do next, we didn’t hesitate too much, we took our tripodi, and went to explore the old part of the town.

sitges, barcelona (4) sitges, barcelona (6) sitges, barcelona (7) sitges, barcelona (14)

This weekend we discovered one thing – Sitges it amazingly romantic and the number of couples strolling on the beaches is testament to that. The sounds of the sea, coupled with warm sea breezes really creates an ideal destination for a romantic getaway.

sitges, barcelona (15) sitges, barcelona (19) sitges, barcelona (20) sitges, barcelona (21) sitges, barcelona (22) sitges, barcelona (25) sitges, barcelona (26) sitges, barcelona (27) sitges, barcelona (29) sitges, barcelona (30) sitges, barcelona (32)

We walked up to the church on the hill and explored the gorgeous architecture from the past. Discovered amazing places to eat tapas and sangria. Beautiful tiny streets to stroll there and forth.

Once we went back to our kids, we took them to eat and changed to another beach. Then I thought, how cool is not having any plan, and the only plan is to change the beach where you stay?

sitges, barcelona (1) sitges, barcelona (8) sitges, barcelona (9) sitges, barcelona (10) sitges, barcelona (11) sitges, barcelona (12) sitges, barcelona (13) sitges, barcelona (24) sitges, barcelona (33) sitges, barcelona (36)