We were always asked how we can permit so many vacations per year with our kids. Apart, of the thing that we work really hard and evit to spend money on unnecessary things. We always have a look at different metasearch engines to grab the best offers to the flights. At least, once per week, I am looking for a best deal to buy cheap flight. Below I will share with you the best tips to buy cheap flights.

Learning how to find cheap flights to anywhere in the world will help you to reduce amazingly the travel costs for your future travels.


There are great strategies and tips I will share with you as you can apply to find cheap air tickets!

It’s hard to believe, but there are still people who get their flight tickets when visiting local travel agent and book flights via them.

Nowadays, we have metasearch engines (aggregators) and online travel agencies that buying flights online can’t be easier now. When thinking about how to find cheap flights online, the cheapest fare is only part of reducing the cost and if you’re flying with kids like us, it’s often about BEST VALUE rather than the lowest price.

Know your priorities, comfort levels and budget and make a great decision – sometimes a bit of comfort is worth the extra cost.

FLEXIBILITY is most important when you’re trying to find cheap flights to anywhere in the world.

If you have fixed travel dates, or you can only fly during popular holiday periods, it will be more challenging to find a good price for a flight, but not impossible.

Best tips to buy a cheap flight:

1. Be flexible while choosing your flight

As mentioned previously, the best way to find cheap flights to anywhere is to be FLEXIBLE with your travel dates. Give time to your trip, check a couple of days or even weeks till you will find the best deal for your future travel.

2. Search the flight earlier.

Once you have decided on your destination, start searching and continue every week to look for the prices. Later, you will read an exact example how to do your searches easily and with no pain. Flight prices fluctuate constantly, that is why,when you find a price that for YOU is comfortable enough to your savings, be ready to jump on it.

Sometimes last minute deals for the flights are better than you have bought it, but it is not always like this. From our experiences, very few times, the prices went down and the flights were cheaper than we bought them.

Peak season and holiday weekends will have the most demand, so expect higher prices. You can, however, stack the odds in your favor by buying at a certain time.

3. What is the best DAY to fly?

As mentioned, you have to be flexible enough, to get a deal for the flight. The best to fly out days are Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday, sometimes I have seen Monday as well. These are typical off-peak days with airlines carrying fewer business travelers, usually meaning lower fares and a surplus of seats. Fridays and Sundays are usually the most expensive days to fly. Even, for booking your accommodation later, Fridays and Saturdays are usually more expensive. So, your trip will be expensive enough at the end if you will choose flight for a weekend.

4. The best time of the day to fly.


The difference between flights hours can be huge, sometimes it can be twice expensive if you choose a very demanding hour. Flying at unpopular hours, increases your chance of getting the best deal. Most of the time, the cheapest flights leave either very early in the morning or late at night. Both of these timings we like, as kids sleep during the whole flight and it is easier for us to enjoy the flight.

5. Check alternate airports. 

If there is more than one airport near your origin or final destination, check them both before making your flight booking. The more options you have in terms of airports and travel dates, the more likely you will be able to find the best deals on airfare.

We do not use this advice, as for our kids comfort we choose only the airport that is close to our home.

6. Fly where the deals are.

For our family this tip is number 1. Instead of choosing a destination and then spending days or weeks trying to find a flight deal, considering flying to where the cheap flights already are.

Choose a destination you can comfortably afford and one you’ll enjoy. Use a metasearch engine like Skyscanner that lets you type in your departure city and search for a list of cheap flights to anywhere in the world. If you are flexible with the destination, these are handy tools and fun to play around with.

7. Sign up for flight deal Email Notifications.

Sign up for your the airlines e-newsletter that you use to fly. As promotional fares and discount codes reserved only for email subscribers can save you money. You can also be notified of last minute cheap flights.

8. Avoid airline fees.

Nowadays, low-cost airlines are charging for everything these days, and if you have 2 bags or more, expect to be charged for it. Try to keep all your luggage within one bag per person, and make sure your luggage is not oversized.

9. Delete your cookies/history when searching for flights.

Some websites store your search data and will increase the price of the flights if they know the specific flights you are looking for. It happened to me and not once, that once searching for the flight with incognito browser window, the meta search showed me cheaper prices than a normal search.

10. Save the best websites for booking flights.

Buying flights online is getting easier and quicker. When we start our search for cheap flights to anywhere in the world, we always start with skyscanner. And then look for prices at momondo, kayak or directly with airlines website. On the aircompany website I usually go, only if I receive an interesting offer to my email, and I know that there is a special deal for me as a subscriber.

How to make use of a metasearch engine? How to get best deal ever. Below I will show you in detail best tricks to find cheap flights on flight engines like Skyscanner, Kayak and Momondo.

1. Skyscanner

We always start with Skyscanner, it’s one of our favorite booking sites.

Skyscanner is a flight comparison site that is simple to use and fast. It searches millions of flights on over a thousand airlines, including online travel agencies and airline companies. Once done your search, and you are ready to proceed with the flight you are taken to the airline or agency to make your booking.

You can filter your search results based on:

  • number of stops
  • you can add nearby airports
  • departure times
  • airlines you like and dislike

Be aware to choose the right currency.


Know your destination, but not your date?

Thinking of flying from Barcelona to Santorini this year but not sure when is the best time? Skyscanner allows you to see prices for tomorrow, in a week, in a month or the cheapest month. The website will tell you the cheapest dates to fly.

Simply click on the calendar in the Depart field and a drop down box will appear:


Go “EVERYWHERE” feature

This feature I like the most. As we made use of it on our travels to Fez, Morocco, and for our next trip to Lanzarote. It allows you to type in the word Everywhere in the “To” box. This helps you to select the cheapest destination from your point of origin. Or you can also just leave the “To” box blank.

If you’re not fussed on your destination and just want to get out of town this is a fun tool.


Let’s use the departure point of Barcelona as an example:

in the FROM field type in your departure city.
in the TO field leave it blank (or type in “Everywhere”)
in the DEPART and RETURN section Skyscanner lets you see cheapest month.

skyscanner5 skyscanner6

At the end price go up, and I suppose it because of kid fare. Kids fares are standard and even if there is a deal in price, kids fares remain the same.


Anyway, it is cheap enough to visit Belgium. Aren’t you agree?

I like those features. Skyscanner allows you to find the cheapest flights without having to enter specific destinations, making it a great resource for finding cheap flights for your next getaway.

2. Kayak

Another metasearch engine I like to check is Kayak. It feels like it has been around forever (which might count for something) and it’s simple to use and compares hundreds of sites in a comprehensive, fast and intuitive display. Once you find what you want, they give you choices where to book.
You can search +/- 3 days either side of your preferred date, flexible for a month and add nearby airports and other filters.


Want to go ANYWHERE?

The Kayak Explore tool is another fun way to search for flights to anywhere by simply typing in your departure city. You can then filter by:
– which country or continent

– flight duration

– budget
Once you hit explore you’ll instantly see a map with all the destinations listed. This tool is a great way to find the right place to go with a specific budget.

3. Momondo

Another metasearch site, Momondo is a global search site that checks the leading travel sites including low-cost carriers.

momondo1 momondo2

So the site may not be that ideal for those who want to play around with flexible dates.

4. Go direct to the airlines

After you have used the flight search engines suggested above and found cheap airfare for your desired destination and dates, go direct to that airline’s own website and see if you can get it for cheaper.

Many airlines have lower fares only available on their own site.

In Summary

No flight search engine is perfect and not all airlines, especially low-cost carriers appear on every search engine. It all depends on contracts metasearch engines has with the airlines or with online travel agency. A lot of Low cost companies try to keep costs down by not paying a booking commission to search sites.

Don’t forget to compare hidden airline surcharges like baggage fees and specialty taxes. Different airlines charge differently and some of these search tools don’t always show those costs – you might think you’ve found cheap flights, but these extras add up!

Play around with those search engines, try to be flexible on dates and times of the day you fly, and keep checking prices regularly.



1 day trip with kids to Zaragoza is just perfect getaway for a short weekend. On this post I will share top things to see with kids. As there are fewer than if you go as solo traveler or couple traveler. Obviously, you have much more time to discover the city while going alone. Even though, we enjoyed our day in Zaragoza.

Zaragoza (18)

The purpose of our trip was to visit some of our kin, who live just outside Zaragoza city. And almost all the weekend we spent with them, having our BBQ, sharing stories that happened to us during the time we haven´t seen each other. And only 1 day we dedicated to visit the city center of Zaragoza, and have more touristy view of the city.

We were lucky enough, and there were almost 24C degrees and it was a very sunny day. What can we desire more from a travel? Great sunny day, lovely views, amazing food and very kind people.

How to get to Zaragoza. We went by car, it is 300km from Barcelona, and it took us 3,5-4h to get there. There is an option to come with AVE (quick train) from Barcelona (Estación de Sants) and the price varies from 45-70EUR depending on the time you buy the ticket. Then you also can get ther by bus, from Estación de autobuses Barcelona Nord, the price is 16EUR per person/one way. If you buy a return ticket you can get it for 28EUR, depending on the timelines. There is an airport in Zaragoza as well, but no info about routes and prices.

Where to stay in Zaragoza. As mentioned previously, we stayed at our kin, just outside from Zaragoza. Even though there is a great variety of hotels to stay for a very reasonable price. During fall season, you can get prices even for less than 50EUR. Some of good hotels are: Ilunion Romareda, Vincci Zaragoza Zenter, Melia Zaragoza.

Things to do in Zaragoza.

Zaragoza is a city that is easy to get walking and visit all the best places in only 1 day. As all the main things to visit in Zaragoza are located close to each other. Here is one of our list, dedicated mostly for families who travel with kids.

TOP 5 things to do in Zaragoza

  1. Get right to the Old Town, where is Plaza del Pilar. A great place to have a walk, run and play time with your kids. A super large place, to enjoy it with the kids. Surrounded with a great bars and restaurants with a good value price/food/drinks.

Zaragoza (5)

2. Enter the Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar. The inside of this church is amazing. It is worth to visit than any other art museum, as it is more a church-museum. A lot of great Biblic sculptures, with great themes. Interesting fact about this church is that in 1933, during the World War, in this church were found 2 bombs, that didn´t get to explode. So, it is considered that this is a very saint place in Zaragoza.

Zaragoza (6)

3. Going further, La Seo del Salvador. Beautiful church inside and outside. We didn´t spend a lot of time there, as there was a wedding and a lot of people who attended the wedding.

Zaragoza (10)


4. El Ebro. The biggest river of Zaragoza, that unite the old town with the new part of the town. We have seen that there are people who loves to do kayak and canoy by the river.

Zaragoza (23)

5. Puente de Piedra. Apart of a great bridge that unify the old town with new part of the town. It has spectacular views over Basílica and the river.

Zaragoza (25)


And here are some more pictures from our getaway.

Zaragoza (1) Zaragoza (2) Zaragoza (4) Zaragoza (7) Zaragoza (9) Zaragoza (11) Zaragoza (12) Zaragoza (13) Zaragoza (15) Zaragoza (24)

And some lovely sunset pictures from the village we stayed at our kin.

Zaragoza (29) Zaragoza (30)




This is an updated post about Barcelona, that I have written on April this year. I hope you will find this article about Barcelona very usefull, once you come to visit this stunning city.

Barcelona is the best city we have ever seen and lived before.  Before we lived in different places in Moldova and USA. Below, you will find a detailed information about Barcelona. How we enjoy Barcelona with kids. Where to stay, best hotels in Barcelona. What to visit in Barcelona. Which of the experiences to enjoy while in Barcelona. And much more…

sunrise in Barcelona

sunrise in Barcelona, 8.00AM, 12th of October 2017

Barcelona is the perfect destination for any traveler, from solo traveler to big family travelers. Barcelona has things to enjoy for any age and type of traveler.


views from the top of H10 Cubik

Best time to visit Barcelona is from June till October, July and August are very hot, but if your plans are to lay on the beach then it’s perfect time as well.


views from Bunkers-El Carmel

Lowest prices on hotels are in January or February, on these months you can easily grab a great deal for a 5* hotel.

Transport. Taxis. Taxis in Barcelona are cheaper that in other European destinations. Public transportation. Barcelona has an excellent public transport network. The most used is metro. Specially for tourists, the city offer daily passes, Hola BCN!, passes for 2,3,4 and 5 days. These passes include the price for circulation during 2, 3, 4 or 5 days without limit in any combination of metro, bus, train and tram operated by TMB, Renfe and FGC. The ticket include the price from and to the BCN Airport. There is an option of a T10 pass that can be easily bought from a ticket machine. It is used mostly by locals. The T10 pass costs 9.95 EUR, but you will need to buy additional ticket if you need to get to Airport, and the cost is 4,50EUR.

Where to stay in Barcelona? Hotels.

Barcelona offers a great range of accommodation, ranging from cheap to high-end luxury hotels.

Budget friendly accommodations:

– Hostels like Generator Hostel Barcelona and Amistat Beach Hostel have great location and are welcoming places to stay, of course without kids.

– Hotels like NH Barcelona Sant Just 4* or NH Collection Barcelona Tower, are hotels with great service, and with prices lower that in the city, the only inconvenience is that these are not in the city center. Even though, these have a good communication to the city center. You can have great deals checking their pages. Both hotels are family friendly and have great rooms for families.

– Another option is to check deals in Top Secret hotels on lastminute.com page.

Best accommodations of Barcelona:

W Barcelona, for sure is the iconic hotel of the city. It is the only hotel with direct access on to the beach. Great views over the city and the sea. Don’t forget to have a drink by the pool. And yes, this hotel is family friendly.

Cotton House hotel, opened its doors in January 2015, and yes it has spectacular design, centrically located and family friendly. It is one of the hotels that you wish to stay on each of your travel.

The One Barcelona is other 5* property worth to be mentioned, as it opens its doors in February this year, 2017, yep, a great design and perfect location. Family friendly property.

– Other 4* star superior hotels, that opened its doors to the public during 2015-2016 Vincci Mae, H10 Cubik, H10 Casa Mimosa. Apart of H10 Casa Mimosa, all other hotels allow children. All has centrical location and brand-new design.

w barcelona

photo at W Barcelona


photo at H10 Cubik

What to do in Barcelona? Best things to do in Barcelona.

Explore Gaudí: Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera, Parc Guell, Casa Batllo all are worth visiting…and yes, with kids. Take them there, to discover the spectacular work of this master.

la pedrera (2)

La Pedrera or Casa Mila


inside view of Sagrada Familia


image taken at Casa Batllo13

Casa Batllo

FC Barcelona Camp Nou experience: If you are a football fan, just don’t miss it. Camp Nou is the famous football ground for FC Barcelona, visited by a millions of tourists each year.

camp nou

VIP places at Camp Nou, our old son is 2,5 years here

Passeig de Gracia: for those who are in love with shopping. All the street between Gracia to Placa Catalunya is a shopper’s paradise.

Discover the Gothic Quarter (El Barrio Gotico). A pleasant walk including Picasso Museum, Placa Reial, Barcelona’s Gothic Cathedral (Santa Eulalia Cathedral) will bring you back to medieval times and beautiful history of the city.

Las Ramblas, is a beautiful street of the city, but my own opinion is that it is overrated, and there are much more beautiful places to see in Barcelona. But, don’t miss to visit La Boqueria Market, one of the most known markets in Europe. And ending your walk at Aquarium de Barcelona.

aquarium barcelona (76)

image at Aquarium Barcelona

Montjuic and Montjuïc Mountain Cable Car experience. A great experience to see the city from bird’s eye view, and as well touching the culture by visiting Poble Espanyol, MNAC Art Museum. And at the end of the day to enjoy the music, water and lights of spectacular Magic Fountain show. I would say that this experience is the best one for families with kids.

Bunkers- El Carmel.  It is a place that becomes very popular within instagrammers in lasts years. And I understand it why, the views are just marvelous, and you have to come and watch Barcelona from the top.


Bunkers El Carmel, best views over the city of Barcelona

Beaches. Even if all of tourists know about Barceloneta beach, it is far not the unique beach in Barcelona, all the coast is beautiful. A lot of restaurants offer great sea/Mediterranean food for all type of tourists.

One tip. Go and see the sunrise in Barcelona. The views are splendid, and I am sure that you won´t regret  any minute spent at the beach.

sunrise barcelona

If you take your time at the beach of Bogatell, then we advice you to visit Centre Municipal de Vela, and to go kayak or paddle, or even better, take a J24 sail, and have the best time sailing in the sea.


Tibidabo Theme Park. Located at the top of the city, apart of great views that offers over Barcelona, it is a great attraction place for kids. Kids of all ages will enjoy the day spent there.


in this image is daddy with our first son, Damian

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-13 at 11.03.09

and this one is taken last days with our second son, Marc

Parks. Apart of Parc Guell, that it is obviously the best park of the city, Parc de Ciutadella is worth to be visited as well. Additionally there is the famous Zoo Barcelona, a perfect place for your kids.

zoo barcelona (12)

Torre Agbar. The newest architectural icon of Barcelona worth to visit with kids.

What to eat in Barcelona?

Paella or Fideua. Paella is the preferred meal of the tourists, while fideua has more popularity within the local people. The difference is that paella is made of rice, and fideua is from vermicelli-type noodles. All our family loves paella, and I think this thing shows that we are still tourists in Barcelona.

Sangria. Famous Sangria, consists of red wine and chopped fruit, often with other ingredients such as orange juice or brandy. A drink to taste for adults while in Barcelona.

Cacaolat. Cacaolat is a kid beverage, that is nothing else than milk with cacao, but with a history. It’s unique taste make it famous as an authentic beverage of Barcelona.

Pan con tomate (Pa amb tomaquet) The simplest and extremely delicious tomato-rubbed bread. The history of this dish is very impressive. In the hungry years, after the war, people used red tomatoes on a very dried bread to make it easier to eat. This meal helped Catalonian people to survive these years.

Crema Catalana. The best dessert to taste while in Catalonia. It is a burned custard made with lemon rind and cinnamon.

Additional info. Keep in mind that Barcelona is a Mediterranean city, and meals are served later than in the North of Europe. Restaurants are generally open from 1:30 p.m. to 4.:00 p.m. for lunch, and from 8:30 p.m. until 11 p.m. for dinner.

Where to go for 1-day trip from Barcelona?

Barcelona is not only a city experience. This city is surrounded with beautiful beaches, mountains and medieval villages.

Sitges. A beautiful coast at the south of Barcelona, that you can reach with a short train ride away. Here you will find beautiful beach, a plenty of lively restaurants that serve yummy yummy food.


Costa Brava. Masnou, Lloret de Mar, Tossa de Mar, Platja D’Aro, Pineda de Mar, are one of the towns worth to visit for the beaches and perfectly clean water.

??????????????? tossa-de-mar-5



Girona and Figueres. Take a tour, and get lost in medieval villages as La Garotxa, Besalu. Discover Salvador Dali´s hometown, and why not to see precious town of Cadaques.

besalu costa brava (15)

So, have you decided? Come and see Barcelona with kids. For sure you will have a lot of fun together.

Other lovely destinations that can be visited in only one day from Barcelona: Masnou, Montserrat,  Tossa de MarPineda de Mar.


For more lovely pictures of Barcelona, follow us on instagram: