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“Vol a Vela” – initiation flight at Igualada, was a real flight experience. It is an aerial walk with an instructor. You sit in the first row, the instructor is right behind. Another plane, tug the glider, and release it at 500m, then you fly free. All depends on the wind and other weather particularities.

It was our first experience on the initiation flight, and as far as you know it was a birthday present, for my hubby, and hubby did it for myself. This was our first time, when we gave as a gift an experience, usually it was a thing. And what to say, really great gift. Both of us, enjoyed the experience.

As you can see on the pictures below, we have really happy faces. But, below this happiness, there were a lot of scarring moments before the initiation flight.

We went high up into the sky. Sitting in the first row, made the experience a priceless one. Breathtaking views over Igualada and the airdrome, was something. Daddy, as well, have lead the glider, I was afraid of doing it. He was so amazed of driving it, so the experience was a great one.

One thing that we didn’t like, was that once done the reservation, the time for the experience is between 20-30 minutes, depending on the weather conditions. Even though, we have had our experiences from 15 to 20 minutes each. The price for the experience is 80EUR per person, per flight.


On our trip to Gozo, we knew that we will have very few time to discover the beauty of the main island, Malta. We thought on visiting the island on the first day and then on the last day. But, due to kind proposal of Mayjo Car Hire, we accepted their transfer directly to Gozo and didn´t have time to spend on the main island.

On my first trip to Malta, I have seen St. Julians, but I knew that I wanted to discover other part of the island. And when Brian, from Baron Holiday Homes Gozo, advised us to visit Valletta on our last day in the country, we followed his advice.

First reason, why we advise you to visit Valletta, Malta, is because the airport (Luqa) is very close to Valletta. There are plenty of public buses that go right to the city center. Second reason, is, because it is the capital and as you can understand there are pretty much things to do and see. Third reason, it is easy to get wherever you want to the island right from Valletta.

Valletta is one of the tiniest European capitals. It´s size isn´t large and you can walk around in the city quite easy. Valletta was built on a grid plan with parallel streets and blocks, so it is easy to get wherever you want. There are quite few hills, and with kids it is more difficult to pass these. In our case, both kids were tired enough and didn´t want to stroll through the streets without daddy´s help. Even though, I think that if it would be our first day, they would enjoy these a lot.

The history is fel in all Valletta´s streets, the houses have a unique lively vibe of baroque architecture with a lot of sunlight. These touches make this city to be warm on colors and hospitality. There are plenty of restaurants that offers traditional cuisine, for an affordable prices. Here to mention, that Valletta, was awarded as 2018 European city of Culture. This means, that a lot of cultural events will be hosted this year in Valletta. Don´t miss these.

Our trip began once transfer from Mayjo Car Hire, left us at the airport, where we left all our luggages and took the main things we need for a day. We took a public bus to the center of Valletta. Valletta is almost 6km from the airport, so it took us quite few time to get there. Then we were walking around and enjoying the city.

Our first stop was Valletta´s City Gate. This main gate to the city has been redesigned and rebuilt several times over the centuries. From here you can also have spectacular views over other cities of Malta, what makes your experience an unique one. Kids were playing and running there and for, so we just stopped and didn´t move for a while. We thought that we have plenty of time to discover the place.

After more than a 15 minutes staying in the same place we finally moved on, and passed down Merchant Street or Republic Street, then Co-Cathedral of St John. Really close to this place we found they typical streets telephone, similar as in London city. There were plenty of intentions to take a pretty image of both our kids calling, but no way, there was always someone of them who didn´t want to take the picture. Well, I think, even though it looks that we could take one.

After those, we had another long stop of more than half an hour, on the street that goes to Forti Sant Iermu. The fortress that we wanted to enter and discover inside, but after all the stops we made, we decided to go where kids prefer. So, our other lovely stop was, nothing else, than a playground. You know, that kind of feeling, when you want to discover a city full of culture, but you are enjoying a playground that is pretty similar you have in your city. Cool, right? :d

So, I don´t know how, but we finally could go out from the playground. And after a pretty walk through the tiny streets full of wooden balconies, we came to Sliema Ferry.  We thought to take a ferry and to enjoy the three harbours by the sea. Here to mention, there are three harbours, Valletta, Grand Harbour and Marsamxett Harbour, are a reminder of what an important city it was for the sea trade of the Mediterranean during the 16th and 17th centuries.

We took our ferry, and for our surprise once getting to Sliema, we saw the most photographed place of Malta island. Could you just imagine our happiness? We could not stop of taking pictures, and finally kids were happy enough of our adventure. In Sliema we stayed few hours as well. There you can find a lot of activities to do in Malta. Like taking the route bus, ferries to discover the closest harbors, private jets and so on. If we only were staying 1 day more, I suppose we would decide for an activity for sure.

Valletta has had many challenges and changes over the centuries, and they are all reflective in the distinct cityscape. With so many people coming to stay the mix of cultures is evident, too. This makes Valletta one of the most exciting and underrated city trip destinations in Europe.

Granted, it is not easy getting around the old town to see all of Valletta’s attractions as there are quite a few steep inclines and steps to master. But if you take your time you can still get around fairly easily and explore all the intimate details of this marvellous city.


Comino is the paradise on the Earth, and I am not joking. It is the heaven for divers and snorkels, and for those who simply want to admire the cristaline water of Blue Lagoon. Comino is called after the cumin that grows all over the island. And the real jewel of this place is Blue Lagoon, the famous beach that all Maltese tourists come at least for 1 day to enjoy.

Comino has the most beautiful beach in Malta, the Blue Lagoon on Comino island. A tiny island, located between Malta and Gozo. It is a perfect 1 day escape to the beach for a pure crystalline water.

How to get to Comino, Blue Lagoon?

The Maltese archipelago is made up of three main islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino. All three are close together, and the only way to get on them is to take a ferry. From any of the islands of Malta or Gozo you can get very fast to Gozo. A ferry has normal prices, as a public transport, as this is the only way you can get there.

To Comino you can get less than in 30 minutes, from Malta or from Gozo. Our ticket cost 5EUR, and kids till 5 years go for free. I think we took a particular ferry, because later we saw other companies that sold tickets for the ferries to get to Comino. Boats came to the island at every 45 minutes, so it was easy to get back at any moment.

During the way to Comino.

The boat ride both from Malta or Gozo to Comino Island is incredibly picturesque. Be prepared to take a lot of shots of the beautiful caves and sea cliffs along the route there. Have your camera on during all the route as the journey is Instagram-worthy from beginning to end. And as it was said previously, it is a really short ride.

One tip, choose any day, and not a weekend day, and get there earlier in the morning. Once you will get to Comino Island, you will see how beautiful is this place. And at 11.00-12.00, you will also see tons of people arriving at once. Then, you will understand how popular is this place within tourists.

We came earlier in the morning, but on Sunday, and we saw how many people get to the island. As a family, we like less crowded places, but this place is worth it.

Try to get your pictures once arrived in the morning, as then you will blame all the tourists for having them in your shots :D. 

About Comino island, and Blue Lagoon.

Comino is well known for Blue Lagoon shallow. Even though, within hikers it is a well known island for hiking. It has really stunning views over the island. We haven´t done any route, as with kids were quite difficult to do it.

So, as you can see, 95% of tourists come to the island because of Blue Lagoon. The water is crystal clear, calm and perfect to snorkel or just to enjoy the day.

Other activities at Comino island.

Apart of taking sun and have a great swim at Blue Lagoon, you can get a tour to the caves. We took a private jet boat, and enjoyed the water caves around the island. The driver was going as crazy. Marc, our little son, was so afraid of the ride, that it took us a while to calm him down. Even though, the views of the caves was priceless.

The caves themselves are beautiful and because the jet boat was small, it took us right into the caves so we could see the rock formations and orange coral in them. And the water! The bluest I think we have ever seen, it is easy to see why diving in the caves is a popular thing to do. The price for the experience is 10EUR per adult and 5EUR per child.

As well, you can take a kayak and enjoy the island on your own. I am not aware of the price nor the timing for how long you can take it. But, I think for couples it is a great way to enjoy the island.

Other tips.

Take your towel, sunscreen and sunglasses. Like most touristy spots, it is pricey to buy the basics there.

As well there are food and souvenir vendors on the cliff. So, don´t worry, you will find the way to spend your money there.

There are chairs and umbrellas available for rent. 2 chairs and 1 umbrella is 20EUR, in some places we saw 25EUR. But, again, get there earlier to get a good spot.

If you are looking for a more quiet and peaceful place, be ready to walk away to other beaches. We didn´t do it, as we went earlier in the morning, and we were not ready to see so many people at Blue Lagoon. And later, we thought it wasn´t worthy to move the place where we stayed.

Another tip if you travel with kids. Be sure to take a very comfy shoes, as climbing within the island is not so easy. I think, this is the main reason we didn´t hike too much with kids, as it was quite difficult for them.

Last thoughts about Comino and Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon is worth to be visited if you come to Malta. Don´t be afraid of crowds. Don´t expect to stay comfy at the beach, usually you will stay on the rocks, only if you decide to pay the chairs and stay more comfortable. Even sitting on the chairs, you will have very few space for yourself.

Get early in the morning of a weekday, to have the descent place to enjoy to the full Blue Lagoon.