3 Must-Haves for Family Travel: The Parent’s Edition

3 Must-Haves for Family Travel: The Parent’s Edition

Picture the scene.

You’re all packed up for an adventure with your family.

Road trip to Asturias

You’ve ticked off every item from your extensive checklist – nappies, baby bottles, spare clothes, the teddy bear your little one won’t sleep without.

And yet no matter how well prepared you are, you know that your holiday has a number of untold challenges ahead.

That’s just the reality of travelling with kids. Their little imaginations can be captured by just about anything, but the moment they decide they’re bored, need the bathroom, or get hungry, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world – Mum and Dad are on an instant timer to fix it, and quick.

Keeping kids occupied is tricky at the best of times, but for those travel emergencies, these three items are great to have in your kit.

1. A laptop or tablet

When you’re travelling, you want to pay attention to your surroundings, take in every moment and let nothing pass you by.

Unfortunately, this is far more difficult with children around. That’s why a tablet device can be super useful when it comes to entertaining them.  

But as well as being handy for your young ones, it’s also a useful tool for you to have to hand in case you ever need it – sadly, life doesn’t stop just because you’re travelling, and whether you need to catch up with work, keep up with your studies on an online degree with the likes of ARU Distance Learning or simply complete some life admin, a small but portable device will ensure you’re never caught out.

2. Travel games

If you don’t fancy bringing your expensive gadgets on holiday, want to keep the screen time to a minimum or simply want to try something a little different, travel games are a great way to entertain the family on holiday

And they’re easy to come by too – from simple games like Connect 4, to more complex classics like Monopoly and card games like Dobble, you can probably afford to pack two or three of these compact additions in your suitcase.

3. Books

If you have a long plane journey ahead, it may not be practical to break out the travel scrabble in those tight spaces between the seats

Nor will you feel like listening to Peppa Pig and Baby Shark for hours on end through tinny tablet speakers while you’re on a long car journey.

Of course, getting children to settle down with a book can be tricky at the best of times. But when it comes to holiday relaxation, even the most resistant adults can’t say no to a good holiday read. 

Take your kids to a bookshop and let them choose something – anything – to keep them occupied. They may protest at first, but once they start to get into their book of choice, you’ll have them entertained for hours and can enjoy a little peace and quiet.

These are just three travel kit essentials to keep your kids occupied on holiday.

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