Bringing Germany to your home.

Yesterday in Barcelona we passed to the phase 1. What does it mean? It means that we can travel within the city, but still not go out of the city. And what we did these 2 days, was to go right to the beach and enjoy the sea.

Because we are not the ones who still cannot travel,  I decided to bring some of Germany to your home. I asked for help from the Germany Tourist Office, and all the information provided below comes from a local. 

On the official Tourism site you can find much more activities and places that you can enjoy with 360° views, I have chosen only 12, but if I only could have more time at my disposal to write this post, I would choose much more places.

As well, I loved reading and watching the tours, as those are very well categorized by Arts, Culture, Nature, Architecture and Views. So let’s begin.


Dresden State Art Collection

are among the foremost museums of the world. A total of twelve museums offer a thematic diversity that is exceptional for its kind. The museum originated in the collections of the Saxon electors, several of whom were also kings of Poland.

source official site

Experience Berlin’s museums online

There are more than 170 museums in only Berlin city, and it is difficult to decide where to go first. But, when you can go to many of those from your sofa, it is even better.

source official site

The famous Rococo Hall at Anna Amalia Library

It is a dream that comes true to visit this place. I always dreamt of visiting it in reality, and now, with the virtual tours, I can say that the desire to go there is much higher than till now. The Duchess Anna Amalia Library in Weimar, Germany, houses a major collection of German literature and historical documents and is part of the UNO designated Classical Weimar.

source official site


Virtual 360° tour in the Holsten Gate Lübeck

The world famous Holsten Gate in Lübeck is the landmark of the Hanseatic city and one of the reasons why Lübeck got listed as UNESCO world heritage. 

August Horch Museum – Birthplace of Audi

I found an interesting fact about me and it is about Auto Museums. The first one I have visited in Torino, and it is about Fiat and Ferrari. Then we went many times to PortAventura and specially to Ferrari Land. Our last visit to an auto museum was in Malaga. And every time the experience is wonderful. I loved watching a virtual tour of this birthplace of Audi. The exhibits are presented in period settings and comprise pre-war models by Audi and its sister brands Horch, Wanderer and DKW, post-war models including many prototypes and the legendary Silver Arrow racing cars from Zwickau which battled it out with the equally named Mercedes racing cars in the 1930s.

source official site

Discover UNESCO World Heritage Panoramas in North Rhine-Westphalia online

The five North Rhine-Westphalian UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Aachen Cathedral, Cologne Cathedral, Zeche Zollverein, Augustusburg Castle and Corvey Monastery can be experienced from the comfort of your sofa. In spectacular 360° shots, zooming in on the smallest details is easier than even the naked eye. Amazing places to discover from outside and from inside.

source official site


Discover our Sanssouci Palace 

With the help of Google Arts & Culture we can enjoy open exhibitions of Sanssouci Palace. Amazing experience of a virtual tour of Sanssouci Palace and the gardens with art, philosophy, nature and relaxation on 300 hectares – a virtual tour of Sanssouci Park.

source official site

Experience the fairytale castle in Schwerin now digitally

The Schwerin Castle in the capital of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania stands out in a unique setting. Once the residence of numerous dukes and grand dukes and now the seat of the state parliament. A magnificent building surrounded by water and with a fantastic park with a view of Lake Schwerin. Experience a virtual tour through the castle with its castle museum and the castle park in sunshine. Very spectacularly stands out the orangery, which is now equipped with a restaurant and is often used for events such as weddings.

source official site

The Drachenburg Castle 

The Drachenburg Castle towers high above the Rhine close by the famous Drachenfels. Whoever visits the castle learns many curious stories – for example from a former lord of the castle, Paul Spinat, who had a pipe organ built into the castle, but never played music. From the inside, from the outside, with a view over the Rhineland, in real or from the sofa – Drachenburg Castle is worth a visit!

source official site


Experience Hannover in 360°: Panorama Photo Tour

The state capital of Lower Saxony offers a variety of highlights that can be experienced virtually:

  • Herrenhäuser Gardens: an impressive example of European garden art that is definitely worth a visit!
  • Maschsee: popular local recreation area and venue of the popular Maschsee Festival
  • New town hall: Take the arched elevator up the dome and enjoy the view.

Leineschloss Palace, Hannover Adventure Zoo, the Nanas, the Göttingen Seven and the Schiller Monument can also be experienced virtually.

360° tour through Lübeck

Embark on a virtual city trip to Lübeck and discover cosy alleys, hidden backyards, the seven church towers and the famous Holstentor, which characterise the old town. Since 1987 the medieval town centre of the Hanseatic city has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Follow in the footsteps of the Lübeck Nobel Prize winners Thomas Mann, Günter Grass and Willy Brandt and get to know the city virtually. You can even visit Niederegger Marzipan on the virtual tour. Enjoy the “heavenly views”.

source official site

Stunning views inside and outside Berlin’s TV Tower

If you come to Berlin you can’t miss it: Berlin’s TV Tower is the city’s most visible landmark. Soaring 368 metres into the sky it is not just literally a must-see sight but also the highest building in Europe open to the general public. Built during the years of the GDR, the iconic TV Tower is now a symbol of the entire city. Enjoy the stunning panoramic views from the viewing platform virtually!

source official site

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and in your future will consider Germany as one of your top destinations to visit.


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