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I am continuing exploring new places virtually. Are you with me?

Today we have to explore a very beautiful country, CANADA. With the help of Canadian Tourism Office in the UK, I found this site, where you can explore the country at every corner, from the most exciting experiences like rafting, till the most amazing museums. There are so many places to explore virtually, that I am not sure how much time we will need to explore it offline.

source: instagram @explorecanada

In this special post I will share only a few of online experiences. What you see is what we choose from the long list. But if you want to have a look into more experiences, take a look to the link I have shared.

  • Northern Lights

There is some time I wish to see the natural phenomena, but always thought to go to see those on the Island. But did you know that you can experience this natural phenomena from different countries? And actually, hundreds of thousands of people live in this huge geographical area, where this natural phenomena can be seen. One of these countries is Canada, and below is the link where you can watch the live stream.


These Northern Lights are magical, it seems like those are dancing during the night.


  • Ottawa

Ottawa is the capital of Canada, yes, it is not Toronto. I think many people are like, what? Are you sure? Yes, it is interesting how other cities have bigger popularity than the capital. And with the below link, I want to invite you to explore with a 30 sec movie, what you can do there, and how beautiful it is.

  • Parliament of Canada House of Commons Virtual Tour

Because we just talked about the capital of Canada, Ottawa, I invite you to have a look at this virtual tour of the Parliament of Canada. It is a lovely 360 picture, where you can discover where are taking great decisions of Canada.


  • Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a group of three waterfalls at the southern end of Niagara Gorge, spanning the border between the US state of New York and the Canadian province of Ontario. With the below live stream, I invite you to watch Niagara Falls LIVE from Canadian side. When I am writing this post, it is night in Canada, and I can see the night LIVE stream.


And actually on this site you can watch many other falls, and beautiful destinations.

  • Toronto

So, it is time to talk about Toronto. Toronto is the capital of the province Ontario and it is one of the largest cities of Canada. As said previously on Earthcam site you can choose live streams from different places around CAnada and the USA. So here is the link to Toronto.


  • Canadian Tulip Festival

Did you know that Canada has its own Tulip Festival and it is so beautiful? I didn’t know. It was a great discovery, as I thought that the biggest is in the Netherlands, and obviously the most beautiful, till I saw how long and how big Canadian people prepare for it. Here is the link to various videos on this.

  • Vancouver Aquarium

There are many aquariums worldwide, and each one is beautiful in its own way. And I really think that each one has its own tourist target. In this post I will talk only about one, and especially Vancouver Aquarium. I invite you to discover it from your sofa for now, and when we will travel again, to explore it from Vancouver.


  • 3D Virtual Tour of Whistler’s Train Wreck

An iconic piece of Whistler’s cultural history, the train wreck draws both locals and tourists alike to its scenic site. Located just south of the Whistler Village, a short walk along the well maintained trail opens up to the new suspension bridge.

I don’t know how about you, but  for me it was the first time I heard about this place, and it was amazing to discover it virtually.

  • Rafting and canoe experience

In every country you can experience something similar, and if not in lots of those. But, I think Canada is a leader in these experiences. Water rafting is an exciting way to work together and build lasting relationships. Here are some videos that share this experience very beautifully

I hope my choice will inspire you to take your next trip to Canada. But meanwhile, I would love to share Canadian Tourism Instagram account, where you can watch how beautiful this country is.




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