Happy 2020 from Travel Family Blog! Setting goals.

Our family would love to wish you a Happy 2020 year, full of joy, health and happy moments with loved ones.

As far as you know, we are here online for more than 3 years now. And I will say that these 3 years were the most amazing years till now. Maybe because of you, our community, or because we didn’t want to upset and took much more travels than usual during these years. In any case, these are the most wonderful 3 years. Hope the next year to be even better.

Some of you are a part of our community for all these 3 years, somebody less. All you know, and we shared here, was about our family travels, sometimes couple travels. But nothing personal. 

This 2020 year, I will share more of our personal life, and not only travels, as I think there are so many things that we still have to share with our community. We can learn a lot from each other, and be better in the upcoming year.

About us:

Both me and hubby work in travel related companies for more than 8 years now. I think the passion to travel, made us create this blog and share our experiences. Our previous year 2018 we´ve been focusing more and more on our blog, and 2019 had to be the same. 

But do you think you can fully trust a blog? I thought yes, and I thought that things went better and better, till our site was hacked in January 2019, and it took us more than 2 weeks to find the issue and to solve it. 

Same happened to social media, every day I saw a huge following, then the next day to see a big drop in statistics. Maybe lots of accounts prepared to grow their socials in 2019, and began to use bots. Unfortunately, for accounts like ours that were grown organically during the last 3 years, it is unpleasant to see this mass of following and unfollowing.

In March 2019 we got the opportunity to buy a new apartment, bigger one, and where we could feel better with Damian and Marc. So in April, we signed the new contract and went on a new adventure, a house of our dreams.

Due to this big home adventure, we disappeared for almost 6 months. Some of you maybe haven’t noticed it, as I was trying to post at least something on socials as this disappearance not to be felt by you.

As well, during our home renovations, we already had a collaboration planned, and our flights booked. It was weird to leave all our home work, for this trip adventure. I remember hubby just told me one night “You know, now, that I am so busy, this trip is something that I really don’t want to do”. Actually, I knew that, I understood him, and I somehow felt the same. But, I am not that kind of person to leave all when it is difficult. We already bought the flights (on our own money), I had planned the collaboration with a Spanish chain for free stays (I planned to work with them in the future). I just couldn’t leave it all.

It was end of June. So, during this trip, I found out that my colleague is going to work for another company. And on my return, I had to take care of her accounts and mine. July, August and September were the largest months in my life ever. I was sleeping and thinking about my job, my accounts and things that were happening there. I couldn´t make a switch once home. During the evenings, we were going with hubby to home refurbishments stores. These were 3 months of full stress work – refurbishments – kids. We put ourselves Sunday as a day to go to the beach and enjoy somehow from our summer with kids.

Finally in September we moved into a new apartment. With some little issues, but still we did it. The renovations took us almost half a year, when we were supposed to have those in 1 month ready and to move in.

We took our all inclusive, all paid by us trip, to enjoy the trip of not doing anything and only relax.

After coming back from our trip to Mallorca, relaxed, we moved on. We still had lots of things to do in our new home, and still things to be done in our old apartment. 

Now I know we are very lucky to be bloggers and have stayed in some really beautiful places but believe me, there is so much work behind all these fancy pictures and perfect stay. And still, we perfectly spent lots of money on our trips.

I am happy enough that I like blogging and I write on my free time. It is something I do in my spare time. And all 2019 I haven’t watched any movies or read any book, and was trying to be active on socials and on the blog.

Now, we are in 2020, me and hubby still work for the same travel companies like 8 years ago. We live in a new apartment, bigger, and with renovations like we both dreamt of.

I finally have time to read an entire book, I am reading Becoming by Michelle Obama. We are back to our gym routine. We are promoting our socials and blog to have a wider community and make a 2020 year travel year. We are planning new extracurricular activities for our kids.

My personal goal for 2020 is to be closer to you, our reader, to our community and to create new ways of meeting each other in an offline way.

Wish you all a great 2020!



  1. January 28, 2020 / 9:29 am

    Bali is Family Travel Destination Point. Have Most Beautiful Beaches and Sides.

    • Travel Family Blog
      January 28, 2020 / 10:53 am

      your villas are spectacular! wish we could visit these one day.

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