How to plan a family travel experience

I am sure, those who know us for longer time, think that all our travels are a total success, and go smoothly every time.

And several times I even received such comments, like you are an ideal family, your kids are very used to all your travels, well with your kids is always easy to travel.

Here to say, these people are only right 50% of the time, on the rest of the time, our kids are not very happy with the destination and so on.

Even though we share the same passion for travel, our travel interests are very different. It takes a lot to prepare for when it is time to plan our family holidays.

With careful travel planning that involves every member of the family habits, we try to create a joyful and memorable holidays for the whole family.

Before going to the tips, I would like to write some of the challenges every family faces before going on travels:

  • School and travel balance – till now, we haven’t experienced such a challenge, as kids went to kindergarten and preschool, and we could take them whenever we want. But this year, Damian is going to school, and for us it is important that he doesn’t skip too much of it. We travel less, but we plan more. We decide on dates that we know won’t affect his studies, even if he will skip a day or two.
  • Travel is too expensive – here you find the experts on traveling on a budget. Believe me, we are not that kind of people who agree to pay full price. For more details, check this post. We travel in mid-low, mid-high season, always, as these are the best price for flights, hotels and the places are not so crowded.
  • How to create a travel experience the whole family will love – you know better your family, write a list of things everyone loves, and when looking for a destination, think, it would be a great destination for everyone?

I know, you will say, we are parents, we decide. But, at the same time, we understand that if our kids won’t enjoy the travel, we won’t do it either.

The best thing of all this mess, is that you already know quite a bit about your family members. You understand each member of your family – what they like and don’t like, what their passions are, what ticks them off.

These things can help you create a travel experience that satisfies all personalities.

Our kids, still do not decide where to travel. But their behavior during our last travels, already shows what is better to skip, and what they will enjoy.

Both kids, do not like traveling in the car, and me, I am just dreaming of a 2 weeks car travel, to discover several cities in only one trip.

But, both kids enjoy so much flying, that it really doesn’t matter where we go, as soon as we will take a plane.

Daddy doesn’t enjoy too much of city-breaks, but he loves beach destination. So, I am looking for a city with seaside, easy, right?

So, your choice, has to be based on several points that happened to you in the past, and you can apply for your future travel. It looks difficult, but it is not.

Few years ago I created several travel boards, I cut up pictures from travel brochures and paste them on cardboard and pop them on the wall where we can see it.

Some of the pictures went out, as hubby didn’t like those, kids were small, so they didn’t  have a choice. But now, when I will do our next travel board, I will try to take their ideas too.

After having the flights and the agenda organized for our future travel, here is time for packing. Previously I was packing all by myself, alone. I loved it, as on every trip I learned how better to make use of space.

Now, I try to delegate. I ask for everyone to prepare their clothes, and I am only responsible for packing these on carry on luggage.

If previously, only me and hubby were carrying all our things for 4 people. Now, once the kids are growing, I am giving them a backpack. It can be a small one, and they sometimes carry only water and snacks.

I think it is important to share responsibilities, as they know, that we travel together and have a 100% experience, not only half of it.

Giving them a role to also help, means for them to feel that they are in control of the travel as well.

I see how they love helping. It helps them feel like they own it more which means they are more invested in making sure they have a great time.

Preparing some rules during the travel. We usually don’t do it, or at least we are not saying in a loud voice that these are the rules. But, we always mention during our travel, that if they have a bad behavior, it will be our last trip (it is not true, but it works :)).

Unplanned challenges, like delayed flights, bad weather and of course tiredness. Unfortunately, our kids are still small, to talk with them on these challenges, and here we take on our control all these unplanned challenges.

Fortunately, we had only 1 time flight delay, while traveling with kids, bad weather many many times, and tiredness, is something that happens every time. On each challenge we work differently.

I think these challenges every family has to deal with its ́ own tricks. But the most important thing to take into consideration, is to provide them full security and feeling comfortable.

It takes teamwork to make the dream work.


Talk about how much it will cost to travel there. You can discuss ways to save, or create more money. Even if it seems, they don’t understand, believe me they understand it very well.

It helped us to save on buying useless things, that then we had to carry on.

Travel, no matter how short or long, or what style, just adjust to change. It can be difficult when you travel as a family, as you’re juggling more than one person’s adjustment.

Traveling with kids won’t be free from challenges, but it will be interesting.


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