New hotel openings 2020. Family Hotels.

Dear reader, welcome to a new series of posts that I was preparing to you for some while. These articles are mostly dedicated to families who look up for some luxury and new hotels that will open their doors in the near future. If you are one of these, then this post is for you.

Every week, once a week, I will share 5 new properties that will open their doors to the wide public. This month and during 2019, I will share mainly the openings of 2020. Then I will extend the list to 2021 as well.

Here I propose to you stunning beach resorts, contemporary hotels and stunning Scandinavian properties, openings for 2020 around the world. Luxury travelers check your favorite.

Let’s jump into first 5 properties.

  1. 1. The Legian Sire, Lombok

The Legian Sire Lombok, will open their doors on the 15th of March, 2020. And it will be a gem of Lombok for sure. This oasis of resort is located nowhere else than on most pristine beach on Lombok, a 40 minutes flight from Bali. 

The Legian Sire resort offers to their public boutique suites and villa resorts with views of the Gili Islands. Featuring different infinity pools, a high quality service with a strong sense of exclusivity. 

If you look for something more that a great villa and amazing views, they thought on offering bespoke spa treatments, nutrition and fitness programs to nurture your body and soul.

Image taken from the property site @Legian Sire Lambok
  1. 2. Arctic Bath

Another jem of hotel, which opens their doors on January 20th, in less than 3 months. Maybe it is only me, but I am just so in love with Scandinavian hotels and their way of interior design. 

Arctic Bath is located right in the heart of pure nature. Each room has a high level of comfort and luxury in mind and still keeping overall wellness focus. Natural, sustainable materials with a rich history such as wood, stone, leather and luxurious textiles harmonize together with Scandinavian design.

This hotel has different types of rooms, for occupancies from 2 to 5 people. All the rooms have floor heat, pellet stove, air condition, wifi. The price includes half board (breakfast and dinner). 

Arctic Bath Hotel will offer a gran variety of amenities for the guests who want to experience more than only such a beautiful hotel. Spa-ritual, Simon Migaj Unsplash, Relax in the spa, wellness treatments and many more for an extra price.

Image taken from the site of @Arctic Bath Hotel
  1. 3. W Residences Algarve

Hands up who ́ve been to Algarve? This destination is still on our bucket list, hope to get there next year, and why not in this new brand hotel.

W Residences Algarve, an exclusive residence with an AB Concept, that were designed another W properties, but this time there were taken some inspiration from Algarve. Interiors interpret local landscapes and the region’s culture. Colours, shapes and materials reflect the influence of the nearby Atlantic.

Fused with this natural look and feel is the W unique, high-energy style. Design-wise, this translates to a series of surprises. 

W Residences Algarve will offer one to four bedroom apartments, each different sizes and almost all having the same amenities, perfect from small to big families, sounds cool, right?

The residence will offer amazing wet pool for their customers, and other amenities like kitchen with Portuguese cuisine and health and beauty spa for the customers who want to experience more of their stay.

Image taken from the official site of @W Residences Algarve
  1. 4. Six Senses Shaharut

Ok guys, Israel is on our top bucket list for a long time now. And when I found that this property will open their doors their, I just can ́t pass through it and not to share.

Six Senses Shaharut opens in Spring 2020, south of the Negev Desert in the Arava Valley and featuring just 58 suites and villas with one Retreat Villa. All the villas are built from local rock and pigments, and the landscaping features cacti and indigenous desert blooms. 

Apart of fascinating rooms with views of the desert, this property will offer sauna and hammams for an extra price. As well, for most adventurous customers, activities from overnight camel camping to extreme sports, hiking, jeep safaris and wine tours.

Image taken from the official site of @Six Senses Shaharut
  1. 5. The Ritz-Carlton, Mexico City

Ritz Carlton and luxury, two words that comes together. Mexico will be honored to have one of the city’s tallest buildings. It will be located on floors 36 to 47, to offer sweeping views of Chapultepec Park from each of its 153 accommodations and its private residences.

Let’s see what it brings, from pictures seem something really stunning.

Image take from the official site of @Ritz Carlton

For today I am finishing my list, see you next week with another 5 new properties.


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