New hotel openings 2020. Family Hotels. No11

It’s Friday, and we are continuing to inspire our readers with new hotel openings in 2020. When I was looking for new openings, I found out, that worldwide we have them a lot. But today, we will stop only 5 hotels. Let´s jump into those.

  1. 1.Ace Hotel Kyoto, JAPAN

Japan is my dream destination, but for this country I always thought that I need at least 1 month of holidays. I want to go there and discover all the country from North to South. So, when I found that in Kyoto will be a new hotel opening, I thought that I have to write about this. Ace Hotel Kyoto will open their doors to the wide public in Spring 2020. And of course, it will be a monument that will bring with itself the abundance of art, nature, ever-evolving culture, sophistication of craft and profound history of the city.

  1. 2. Harding Boutique Hotel Ahangama, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka as a destination suffered a lot after the Easter attacks of 2019. Till then it was one of the destinations I always wanted to visit. Now, as well, but seriously, when having 2 kids, your first thought is that the destination has to be safe.

Harding Boutique hotels proposed to open in summer 2020 a new hotel. Set among palm groves, the hotel is created as an inspiration from traditional tropical modernism. Prepare to stay in bright rooms with views over the Indian Ocean. Sounds cool, right?

Image from the official site of the hotel
  1. 3. Kalesma, Mykonos, Greece

Let´s be sincere, who at least once had dreamt about Mykonos? Actually me, I was dreaming more about Santorini, as many people told me that Mykonos is an overrated destination. As many tourists go there, and it lost its uniqueness.

But, why then, being an overrated destination, people still go there. I know now, it is because the hotels that are there. 

Kalesma, a new hotel openings, expected to receive their guests in June, represents the Mykonian style of living, showing how the people lived on the island. The property will have only suite rooms, and 2 villas, all with private pool perfect to enjoy your dream vacation. Whitewashed stone, will resemble a Mykonian village. Expect a high-end luxury while staying there.

Image taken from the official site of the hotel
  1. 4. Bai San Ho, Phu Yen, Vietnam 

Zannier hotels, will open a new hotel in August 2020. On 98 hectares, the resort will be surrounded by amazing hills and lush vegetation.

The luxurious resort will have 71 suites & villas, built according to three different architectural styles, each of them melting into the lush natural background. With 3 restaurants and 2 bars set in different atmospheres, Bãi San Hô turns every stay into a culinary voyage. Fresh, varied and healthy food are the common points of those outlets, serving respectively international, Vietnamese and seafood cuisine.

So, are you ready to experience in a new way Vietnam?

  1. 5. Habitas Namibia , Namibia.

African continent lately become a place where any traveler dream to be. I was impressed to read about beautiful hotel Habitas Namibia, a hotel to open their doors in January 2020. The hotel will be located on 35000 ha nature reserve only 1h from international airport. The life at this priceless hotel will be among the wild animals in very beautiful lodges. Imagine just to wake up and be surrounded by beautiful wild animals.

Image taken from the official hotel site.

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