Virtually Discover London’s Most Historical Sights

London is a city that is steeped in as much history as it is beauty. The capital city of the UK and the most visited city in all of Europe has a lot to offer in the way of decades past, namely in the form of its many historical locations, ranging from St Paul’s Cathedral to the Houses of Parliament. There’s so much to see and do, but unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has scuppered many people’s chances to see the real thing.
Fret not, though, because there are a range of virtual tours available that will take you round the great locations – from the comfort and safety of your own home! Here are three historical locations you can discover – virtually!

Buckingham Palace
You can’t visit London and not go to Buckingham Palace – the official London residence of Queen Elizabeth. The palace usually offers walking tours at times when the Queen is residing in one of her other palaces, but with the COVID-19 pandemic effectively shutting down the tourist part of London, the best chance you have of seeing inside the palace is through the virtual tour offered by Whilst the tour is limited to just three rooms – the throne room, the grand staircase and the white drawing room – it’s packed full of information about various artefacts within the iconic establishment.
The tour showcases everything you’d expect to see at Buckingham Palace; crimson red upholstery, glistening gold wall decorations and so many ornate and grandiose portraits of monarchs past and present. There’s information about notable artefacts in each room, giving you all the information you’d usually get on a normal tour. The quality of the pictures is exceptional, though you might prefer to give the real tour a go once things open back up again.
Number 10
Perhaps the most famous front door in the whole of London and even the UK is that of Number 10 Downing Street, home of the UK Prime Minister and the beating heart of the British government. Eyerevolution have provided a virtual tour that takes users behind the shiny, black front door and shows them inside the place where leaders like Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher once made groundbreaking decisions.
This tour is extremely high quality, and though it’s limited to six areas of number 10, the level of detail on the photography is incredible and really allows users to gauge what it’s like outside the front door, inside the reception, cabinet room, Prime Minister’s office and the pillared room, as well as offering a look at the great staircase which is lined with the infamous facers of previous tenants.
Jack the Ripper
London, for all its beauty, has a dark history in places, and the famed city was once home to one of the most notorious seral killers in the world – Jack the Ripper. He stalked the streets of Whitechapel in East London in 1888 and is known to have killed five women who are sometimes referred to as the ‘Canoncial Five’. They all lived and worked in the Whitechapel area which has been synonymous with the murders ever since.
For those who are looking to discover the grisly underbelly of London and learn more about Jack the Ripper, there is a comprehensive virtual tour available online. It’s extremely in-depth and detailed, making it perfect for those looking to explore this unknown Victorian killer and his past. It also gives a good insight into what life was like in Victorian London – much of which shaped the way the city runs to this day.
So, now you have the links, get your laptop fired up, hook it up to the TV and see the sights from home!


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