A Delightful Lunch at Kasa Japo, Glòries, Barcelona

Today, we had the pleasure of enjoying a delightful lunch at Kasa Japo in Glòries, Barcelona, and it was an experience worth sharing. The restaurant’s modern and inviting ambiance provided the perfect setting for a midday meal.

We started our lunch with a selection of sushi and sashimi. The sashimi was incredibly fresh, with each slice of fish delicately prepared to highlight its natural flavors. The sushi rolls were equally impressive, with creative combinations that delighted our palates.

For our main course, we opted for some of Kasa Japo’s signature dishes. The bento box was a perfect choice, offering a variety of flavors in one beautifully arranged meal. The tempura was crispy and light, complementing the tender meat and savory sides perfectly.

Throughout our meal, the service was attentive and friendly. The staff at Kasa Japo made sure we had everything we needed, from recommendations on menu items to ensuring our glasses were never empty.

To round off our lunch, we indulged in a few desserts. The matcha cheesecake was a standout, with a creamy texture and just the right amount of matcha flavor. It was a fitting end to a fantastic meal.

Overall, our lunch experience at Kasa Japo in Glòries was exceptional. The combination of fresh ingredients, creative dishes, and impeccable service made it a memorable dining experience. Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or a leisurely meal, Kasa Japo is a must-visit in Barcelona. We can’t wait to return and explore more of their menu.


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