Indulging in a Sweet Spanish Tradition at Chocolat-Box Barcelona

As December rolls around, our family eagerly anticipates the start of a cherished tradition: indulging in chocolate caliente con churros. There’s something magical about savoring this quintessentially Spanish treat during the cold winter months, warming both body and soul with every decadent sip and bite.

This year marks our second consecutive visit to Chocolat-Box, a charming chocolate bar nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of Poblenou in Barcelona. It’s become a favorite spot for our family, offering a cozy atmosphere and an irresistible array of sweet delights.

A Decadent Delight for All

As we stepped into Chocolat-Box, we were greeted by the inviting aroma of freshly made chocolate and pastries. The cozy interior, adorned with festive decorations, instantly put us in the holiday spirit. Our kids’ eyes lit up with excitement as they spotted the towering stacks of churros and the bubbling pots of rich, velvety chocolate.

True to tradition, our kids eagerly opted for the classic combination of chocolate con churros. Watching them dip the crispy churros into the steaming hot chocolate brought back fond memories of our own childhoods. Meanwhile, Dumitru and I decided to switch things up this year, choosing to indulge in the irresistible allure of freshly made crepes.

A Delicious Decision

Our decision to try the crepes proved to be a stroke of culinary genius. Each crepe was a masterpiece of flavor and texture, perfectly thin and delicately folded, with a generous filling of Nutella and fresh strawberries. The combination of warm, gooey chocolate and sweet, juicy strawberries was simply divine, leaving us craving more with every heavenly bite.

Sweet Savings

Despite the indulgence, we were pleasantly surprised by the affordability of our sweet feast. For all four of us, including four servings of warm chocolate, two packs of churros, and two delectable crepes, the total came to a wallet-friendly 22 euros. It’s a testament to Chocolat-Box’s commitment to providing high-quality treats at accessible prices, ensuring that everyone can experience the joy of sweet indulgence.

Keeping Tradition Alive

As we savored our sweet treats and shared laughter and stories around the table, it struck us once again how important traditions are in bringing families together. Our annual visit to Chocolat-Box has become a cherished part of our holiday season, a time to create lasting memories and celebrate the simple joys of life.

As we bid farewell to another delightful visit to Chocolat-Box, our hearts and bellies full, we look forward to continuing this tradition for many years to come. After all, there’s no sweeter way to embrace the holiday season than with a steaming cup of chocolate caliente and a plate of crispy churros or delectable crepes in hand.


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