PortAventura – in search of adventures with kids.

PortAventura is one of the places that we enjoy going at least once a year and have some fun. This time, we went with both kids, and it was a great day spent with them there.

PortAventura is just 2 hours away from Barcelona. We went there by car, but there is a special train that goes right to PortAventura, and you can get super fast there. We always went for 1 day only, but I think, once kids will grow up, we will consider staying at one of its hotels. Then, we can organize our stay there.

Some highlights about PortAventura.

Port Aventura is a theme park located in Salou, not so far from Barcelona. It is the largest resort in southern Europe it includes six world theme areas, the Caribe Aquatic Park (one of the largest in Spain), four 4-star hotels. There are also numerous restaurants dishing out delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

The place itself is not far from Salou. It is surrounded by amazing beaches for those who want to combine amusement park and beach time. There are heart-stopping roller coasters, dizzying slides, children’s attractions and game areas. It is the perfect spot to spend a day or two with family and friends.

What we made use more in our day spent there, was Sesamo Aventura. It is a land created especially for youngsters, with all kinds of attractions, games and rides based on the Sesame Street characters. Kids loved this place so much and we too.

Our experience at PortAventura.

We went there for 1 day only, and we choose a weekday. We thought, that we didn’t want to stay an infinite time at queues, as it happened on the previous time we went there in a weekend day. As well, we choose a day, when kids go to school. In summer, apart, of lots of tourists, there come kids from school. So, decide, quite well, when you want to come there.

PortAventura as I mentioned previously, is huge. Even if there won’t be queues at every corner, I suppose there is no time to discover it in only 1 day. We knew this, and we didn’t expect to discover it all. We went for having some funny time with our kids there.

We combined adults rides with kids park Sesamo Aventura. Rides such as Coco Piloto, Magic Fish or El Huerto Encantado left our kids absolutely breathless.

All day long we have had so much fun, screaming in delight, running around from ride to ride and lots of hand waving! Our inner child was unleashed and happiness in our kids eyes was undescribed.



  1. May 10, 2019 / 9:10 am

    I liked your blog you explained very well. But you have to write little bit more. you only shared your pic with your family. BTW The pic is fabulous which you uploaded.
    By the way, PortAventura is top 6 theme park in europe. IT is 120 km away from barcelona city. If anyone is visiting spain then you guys should go there to see that.

    • Travel Family Blog
      May 12, 2019 / 6:16 pm

      Let me know, what you want to see more, which are your questions, I will update the post explaining all in details.

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