Hard Rock Ibiza Hotel – review

Right after our family holidays on the beautiful island of Mallorca, I had a business trip to Ibiza. And no other place as Hard Rock Ibiza.

Hard Rock Ibiza Hotel – review

Hard Rock Ibiza is a hotel to impress. It is a 5-star property, by the seaside, right at the end of Playa d’en Bossa. From my room, I had partial sea views, and Ushuaïa hotel views, another gem of the island.

The airport is five minutes’ drive away, which has its advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage is that you hear every certain time fly-bys, and it is not the more pleasant thing, almost when you talk to somebody.

Hard Rock Ibiza Hotel

Room at Hard Rock Ibiza.

The hotel has 493 rooms and suites range from a standard double in the hotel’s eight-storey tower wing, to a swim-up room with terrace that opens onto a meandering swimming pool. I stayed in a standard room, and cannot complain, as the views were also nice.

My room at Hard Rock Ibiza Hotel had a balcony, and for me it was more than enough to go out and enjoy the views I had from the room. Here to mention, that the lights were turning on and off, once you got to the room, and there was only one place where you could turn off the light before you go to sleep.

Bathroom at Hard Rock Ibiza. 

The bathroom was in the middle of the room, somehow it looked cool, but would never liked something similar at home. It took me a while, till I understand how to use the shower. Don ́t get me wrong, but I think it is my personal problem, once I get to the hotels. Every hotel try to be techy and make it more complicated to take a simple shower. In my opinion, the shower is what I didn´t like too much.

What I really liked about the bathroom, were the amenities and their smell. All the amenities had Hard Rock impression, and seemed to be done specially for this hotel. What I enjoyed a lot.

Property amenities at Hard Rock Ibiza. 

Every floor of the hotel is designed with something very specific to famous singers or things of those. The same decorations you can find at the lounge area, and it is fascinating. As every piece has its ́own history.

Where we ate at Hard Rock Ibiza.

Hard Rock Ibiza, had several bars and restaurants, and all of these are spacious, beautiful. The bar even has an entry from the beach and have this total Ibiza style, but I liked the most Tatel Restaurant.

Tatel has a decadent New York feel with lush décor in sensual jewel shades of amber, turquoise and emerald. I spent 2 mornings for breakfast in this beautiful restaurant. First time I ate inside, but on the second day. I just couldn’t resist, and went outside, and took my breakfast with the most impressive views by the pool and the sea.

As it was a company event, all the food was served the same, but on different places, as we could enjoy every restaurant and bar of this beautiful hotel.

Breakfast at Hard Rock Ibiza Hotel

Pools at Hard Rock Ibiza.

The pool is beautiful and well designed, there is even a bar, half of it being in the water. Pool loungers amazing, and a well designed towel area.

Overall thoughts about Hard Rock Ibiza.

Hard Rock Ibiza Hotel is a luxury hotel and with it I would say it all. It has all at the highest level from very comfortable beds and lining, to an amazing staff service. I would come back with hubby, or when kids will grow up. Even if, the hotel offers cool activities for kids, I still think this property is for adults only.

This trip was fully paid by the company I work for, and it wasn´t related to our activity on the blog. All the thoughts are my own.

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