Hot air balloon experience in Turin. Turin Eye with kids.

There was some time, I really wanted to experience a hot air balloon ride. But, it was always too expensive, and not everywhere kids are welcome. One year, my sister told me, that, we can easily get to the experience in Turin. It is much cheaper, and it is permitted to go with kids. We thought, that it would be a marvelous experience for us and kids.

If you expect to have a ride on a hot air balloon, then this experience is not for you. This hot air balloon experience, is just going up and down, and see Turin from above. I was expecting to get a ride, and not only to go up and down. But, I was happy that both kids were permitted to the ride. Another disappointment, was, that we went 4 times this year, to get up and down with this hot air balloon, till we finally get the experience. Every time, it was an excuse not to go up.

Finally, on our 4th intent, we went up. The experience is about 20 minutes. I felt, like we stayed less time above. The views were spectacular indeed, and it was great to see the city from above. It was sunny, and we clearly saw mountains, and all the best views this city can have. Damian, was upset, when we had to go down. Even he, who is a kid, understood that we put too much effort into this experience, and at the end it was so short.

The experience was something different of what we expected. I can say, that we loved the experience. But, if comparing the expectatives and the reality, then I would say it was not worthy. You have to decide it for yourself, if this is something you are looking for or not.

The price for the experience is 13,50 EUR per adult.


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