Alua Calas De Mallorca Resort – All inclusive hotel, our family stay there

Alua Calas De Mallorca Resort – All inclusive hotel. Our stay by the end of the season.

Don´t blame us too much for being missed here. Later, I will write more about our life goals, what we did in these 3 months that we were missed, what are our future plans and so on. All the details will be shared next weeks, as something is still to happen, and will reveal it later. Many things that happened offline, are nothing about travel, but I hope you will find those interesting.

Sunrise at Alua Calas de Mallorca

Now, about the amazing holidays with kids we had in Mallorca. As far as you know, we love to get cheap flights and this means, we have to travel earlier in the morning or later in the evening. Ok, we love these options, as in this way we manage to stay more time on site. 

Mallorca is a priceless island, in terms of breathtaking views, amazing countryside, turquoise beaches and very good people. It was our third time to come to the island, and we couldn´t stay any better. This time we took an all inclusive hotel, an amazing Hyatt property.

This trip to Mallorca was fully paid by ourselves, no partnership or sponsorship made during this time. And this post is all about our personal thoughts, and nobody asked us to write it.

Alua Calas de Mallorca – All inclusive hotel, Travel Family Blog stay

After more than 5 months of hard work, the only thing we wanted was to take a break somewhere far away from the crowds. To enjoy our time together as a family, and just to lay by the beach. That is why, to our minds came the idea of an all inclusive holidays with kids. Usually we don´t do this.

I would say it was the best decision ever, as we had 4 days of complete relax. The only worry was to take the best sunbed, that has the best views, and nothing more.

Travel Family Blog our stay in Mallorca

We arrived at 9am in Mallorca, and as we didn ́t rent car, our options were to take a taxi, to take a shuttle or public transport. Previous 2 options were too expensive for 4 people, so the other option was bus. I would say that getting to and back from the hotel to the airport, was the worst thing that happened during our stay.

Don ́t get me wrong, we were safe and all was ok, but 3h of bus ride from and back to the airport is pretty too much for going with 2 little kids.

Alua Calas de Mallorca – All inclusive hotel, Travel Family Blog stay

Our arrival was smooth and took us very little time to get into our room. Even if, the check-in time is at 3pm, we were given a room at 1pm. It was an easy check in, we were explained about the facilities of the hotel, where to go and what to do during our stay. Reception staff was very helpful.

Our room at Alua Calas de Mallorca

Our room was on the 9th floor, and here to say the feeling was like staying on cloud nine. Never ever had such marvelous views.

We were pretty hungry, but we were wowing like first half an hour and couldn’t just get over the views we had from the room.

Room was very clean and spacious, towels changed daily, air-conditioning. Plenty of storage, modern with a 32” flat screen TV on the wall. It was the first thing Damian did once entered the room :). Bathroom as well very clean.

Food at Alua Calas de Mallorca.

As I mentioned previously, the hotel is an all inclusive hotel. After enjoying some pretty time in our room, we went down for lunch. The restaurant itself is very beautiful, and the views it gets to the cliffs and the sea, are amazing. We always tried to choose a table with the prettiest views.

There was a lot of options of food during any meal. I read many comments about the food, somebody liked it more and others less. During all the meals, there were meals I loved a lot, and times that not so much. But it is all a matter of the food you really like to eat everyday. I would say they covered perfectly the choices for vegetarians, people with allergies, fish or meat lovers.

I loved that fish and meat was always different. It is great to have the option to choose if there is one day you don´t like the fish or the meat.

Apart from the main restaurant that is open only on certain hours. Then you have a bar and during the hours, the restaurant remained closed, we had plenty of snacks options, like burgers, pizza, hotdogs and chips.

Pool at Alua Calas de Mallorca.

Pools, these are 4 in total. All 4 are great, kids enjoyed all of those. For me, the water was pretty cold, and I didn’t stay too much splashing.

When we went to the pool, I saw that many people had their own towels, and I thought they do not provide towels for the pool. But, once at the reception,  they required a €10 per towel deposit. I think it is fair enough, as many times, people just take those to the beach and leave there.

As well we had poolside entertainment, which was very cool. Staff delivered with enthusiasm and fun. Me and hubby did yoga and pool bikes, and those were particularly good! The pools were clean and the adult pools deep at one end.

Most of the time, we stayed at the small pool, as Marc still has to learn to swim.

Kids club at Alua Calas de Mallorca

I think that during our stay, there were only 6-7 children in total. As we went off season, and kids are already in school, there were very few of them. This means that our kids stayed only they 2 or with any other kid and enjoyed the staff attention to the full.

First day they didn’t want to stay in the kids club, and I thought it was fair. They have to stay with us. But the staff was amazingly kind to them, and caught their attention to go and play with them. With all of this, on the last day, our kids were asking to go to kids club. Great job!!!

Evening entertainment at Alua Calas de Mallorca

We loved every evening. As the evening was split, kids entertainment first and then for adults. What was pretty cool. Both kids enjoyed going to the scene and dance like superstars. We had flamenco show, magician show, live singing, and we missed Mamma Mia, as we had to go back home.

Surroundings of Alua Calas de Mallorca

The hotel is in a very quiet village with very few things to do. We did 2 days hiking, and went to the closest beaches. Both beaches have sun beds and facilities on them. One beach is 5 minutes away (and has steep steps down to it), and the other, easier access, is a 10 to 15 mins walk.

We just visited those, didn’t stay, as there were too many people, and we wanted to have some peaceful time for ourselves.

Overall thoughts about Alua Calas de Mallorca.

We loved the hotel, the staff was amazingly friendly, and the food was great. But, I will come back here, only if we decide to rent a car. As it is too far away from the airport and bus is not an option.

On the next post I will talk about Ibiza and my stay at Hard Rock Ibiza.



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    Woooow, wonderful experience and verybnice family!

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      thank you so much for your appreciations

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    October 17, 2019 / 2:08 pm

    Loved your blog. Beautiful pictures and lots of great tips

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      Thank you a lot for your appreciations, Laura.

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