Flying Economy Class with ITA Airways: A Family Adventure

Today, I’d like to share our experience flying ✈️with ITA Airways, a new airline company that was established in October 2021 in Italy. ITA Airways offers both short flights and long-haul flights. During our trip, we flew from Barcelona to Rome and then from Rome to Tokyo 🎎🎋.

ITA Airways, Italy’s national carrier, offers an economy class experience that caters to families. In this blog post, we’ll explore what it’s like to fly with ITA Airways as a family of four.

Booking our ITA Airways tickets was straightforward. The airline’s website provides a user-friendly interface where you can select your travel dates, destinations, and passenger details. If there is a direct flight you can make the check in online, in our case we had a stop over, and we made the checkin at the airport. If you are curious about ITA airways current destinations beside Tokyo there is an interactive map with all routes and destinations on

One thing we really appreciated about ITA Airways was their priority treatment for families with kids.👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Since we were traveling with children, we were among the first passengers to board the plane, which made the boarding process much smoother and more comfortable for us. 🧳 And it wasn´t necessary to take the priority pass to have these facilities.

Our first flight was quick and the plane itself was small. But on the second flight, from Rome to Tokyo we had a blast with entertainment options. ITA Airways offers a variety of entertainment options to keep both adults and kids engaged during the flight. Each passanger has a personal screen, economy class seats come equipped with 6.5-inch screens (and 9-inch screens on the A330 fleet). This made us to enjoy a vast library of movies, TV shows, games, and music.

When it came to in-flight dining 🍴, we were given the option to choose between Japanese and Italian cuisine. Both Dumitru and I opted for the Japanese meal🍙, while the kids decided to go with Italian food🍝. The meals were decent, considering it was airline food. Additionally, we were offered snacks twice during the flight. Although we had a 14-hour journey to Tokyo, we were slightly surprised that there was no additional full meal served. However, one of the snacks included a sandwich, nuts, and a sweet treat, which helped keep us satisfied.

The planes on our way to Tokyo were very clean and well-maintained, the cabin crew remained consistently polite and attentive throughout the journey.

In terms of pricing, the round-trip for four people cost us 2600 EUR💵💲💰, which we found to be reasonable considering the distance and the convenience of flying directly from Rome to Tokyo.

Overall, our experience with ITA Airways was positive, especially the priority boarding for families and the comfortable journey with the kids. The food was satisfactory, and the staff’s courtesy was commendable.


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