Fam trip to Vienna with Vienna Tourist Board. Family adventures in one getaway to Vienna.

When it comes to culture, there are few places in the world that compare to Vienna. On this fam trip, organized by Vienna Tourist Board, we discovered the side of this city that children can appreciate a lot.

Vienna stopped being an imperial city almost a hundred years ago, and nowadays it is prohibited to have any Royal privileges. But this doesn’t mean, that all the culture of centuries, disappeared. People are preserving all of its elegance and grandeur. And Viennese people are really proud of their city.

Apart of the multitude of palaces, Vienna is rich in green parks. I would say, that I have never seen so many green spaces in a big city. The parks are their second proud moment, and where kids and parents relax and breath fresh air.

About our flights to and back to Vienna.

As more of you are aware, our flight Barcelona-Vienna was cancelled. Due to Vueling strike, we had to decide if we lose our Fam Trip organized by Vienna Tourist Board or to get there on any transport possible. We had 2 options, to go on Sunday, and to lose 1 day of the program. Or to go on Saturday Barcelona-Munich by plane, and then Munich-Vienna by train. We decided to take the second option. We were 23 people, on this journey, and thanks to a great team work we finally got to Vienna.

Many thanks to Vienna Tourist Board, for organizing these last-minutes details and we could enjoy to the full our Family Adventurous trip to Vienna.

Our flight back was delayed almost 2 hours. And what we have learnt from this trip, is if you want to avoid delays of air companies, choose less-demanding days.

Family Friendly Hotel in Vienna.

After a long way Barcelona-Vienna, we were met by Jale, from Vienna Tourist Board at the Railway Station. We went to a very beautiful hotel located in the city center, Boutiquehotel Stadthalle. It is an Eco-friendly and family friendly hotel in Vienna. It has a beautiful garden and relaxing designed room. Boutiquehotel Stadthalle has a green garden, and on the rooftop lavender blooms, that made our stay great enough.

During our stay, we had an organic buffet breakfast including local products. We enjoyed our breakfast in the green garden of the property. Kids were so happy with the place, that they enjoyed the breakfast more than at home. It was a pleasure to stay there.

Boutiquehotel Stadthalle is just an 8-minute walk from the Westbahnhof Train Station and Vienna’s main shopping boulevard Mariahilfer Straße. The Westbahnhof Underground Station (lines U3 and U6) provides direct connections to the city centre. From the nearby Beingasse Tram Stop, you can also get quickly to the city centre, as well as to the picturesque Spittelberg area.

We loved this hotel, amazing clean room, friendly staff, delicious breakfast, gorgeous gardens. Vienna Tourist Board has chosen a perfect hotel for our stay in Vienna without any doubt.

Vienna City Card. The official Vienna Card. How to discover Vienna by public transport?

Vienna Tourist Board provided us a 72 hours Vienna City Card (red card).
These are advantages we had with Red card:
– Free travel on the public transport
– Benefit card for 24, 48 or 72 hours. In our case it was a 72 hours.
– Over 210 benefits
– One child up to the age of 15 travels free with each Vienna City Card holder.
– Prices € 17 / € 25 / € 29
Available in hotels and from Tourist Info on Albertinaplatz (daily from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm), Tourist Info at Vienna Main Station (daily from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm) and Tourist Info at the airport (daily from 7.00 am to 10.00 pm), from sales and information points of Wiener Linien (e.g. Stephansplatz, Karlsplatz, Westbahnhof, Landstrasse/Wien Mitte), the Vienna City Card app or in the online shop.

There are also white cards, and these have a little bit more advantages. Check out on official page of Vienna Tourist Board for more information.

Top Attractions for Kids in Vienna.

Vienna has so many things to offer its young visitors. Not surprisingly, many of them very cleverly disguise the art, history and culture of the city, packaged and presented in very child-friendly terms. The entire city is extremely well facilitated for young families and even the most popular high-profile attractions are surprisingly welcoming and accessible.

Vienna Tourist Board, prepared to us a kids oriented program. I will highlight all the great places we have visited on Sunday with kids and other families.

Our program began with the oldest zoo in the world. Vienna Zoo (Tiergarten Schönbrunn).

This zoo was founded in 1752 which makes it the oldest zoo in the world. Today its main purpose is for species conservation and general nature conservation. There are buildings on the grounds that still stand from the 18th century and make an absolute gorgeous addition to the beautiful surrounds.
It is one of the few zoos to house pandas, which we absolutely loved. In Barcelona Zoo, there is no panda.

Prices for Vienna Zoo: Adults: €16.50, Kids 6+: €8, Under 6: free.

Location of Vienna Zoo: Schönbrunn Zoo is in the grounds of Schönbrunn Palace.

How to get there? Nearest underground station: U4, Hietzing station.

The grounds of Schönbrunn, a World Heritage Site, cover 160 hectares. Tourists can ride in to all of its attractions on Schönbrunn Panorama Train. Shuttle train has 9 stations, one of these is Zoo Vienna. In the zoo, the train shuttles from 10:00 am to 18:00 (6:00 pm) between the Emperor’s Breakfast Pavillion, the Elephant House, and the Tirolerhof. Each interval lasts ca. 45 minutes.
Prices for Schönbrunn Panorama Train: Adults  €2.00, children €1.00.

During our ride, the train made a stop and we could enjoy the gardens and Vienna city from above. It was a 5 minutes stop, but it was worth every second.

Our next and last stop with the shuttle train was Children’s Museum (Kaiser Kindy).

Children’s Museum is fun all the way, right from the moment you step in. The kids can dress up as princes and queens, sit on a throne or change their outfits to suit their mood. Our kids, didn’t want to give suits a try, and we were enjoying how other kids were dressing up. There are toys to play with from imperial times and they can even decorate old-style white wigs, or set the table for an imperial banquet.

Everything is based around imperial Vienna so the kids can learn about the food they ate, how old the palace is and so much more. Our kids didn’t want to leave.

Prices for Children’s Museum of Vienna: Adults: €7.50, Kids 3 – 18: €6, Under 3: free. Family tickets available.

How to get there: Schönbrunner Schlossstrasse 47. Nearest underground station: U4, Schönbrunn station. Trams: 10 and 58, Schönbrunn station.

Schönbrunn Palace
We didn’t entry the palace, but we enjoyed it from outside. This palace is built in the 17th century, it has played a central role in Vienna’s political landscape.

There is an option to do all 3 activities in one day – Palace, Children’s Museum and Zoo. We run out of time, and we had a reservation made for an outdoor eco-friendly restaurant Landtmann’s Jausen Station for our lunch.

After the great lunch, we went to Giant Ferris Wheel (Wiener Riesenrad).

A super sized ferris wheel with a really interesting cultural influence and architectural history. In fact, it’s one of the oldest wheels of it’s kind in the world. There is an attraction park with lots of activities to do with kids. We had at our disposal almost 2 hours to enjoy this place with our kids. Due to ages of our kids, we went to a cars’ ride. Our kids were so happy, and even forgot of how tired they went after such a fulfilled of activities day.
Location: Vienna’s 2nd district in Leopoldstadt.

Once we met with all families again, we went to a super tranquil place for a great end up of the day Mayer Am Pfarrplatz. Then we went right to the hotel to relax and bring all the emotions for the next day.

On our next day, we had free time, without any program, so we took the tram 49 till it’s last stop, and then went strolling through this beautiful city. Actually, we were keen to make a horse-drawn carriages called Fiakers and discover this city on the go.

We went directly to Stephansdom(St. Stephen’s Cathedral). Vienna’s iconic cathedral is a 14-century Gothic masterpiece, complete with gargoyles, a colorfully tiled roof, and a south tower that rises high above the city. But, we could not enjoy because it was a spontaneous decision. But, if you come to Austria, you need to make a reservation at least 3 days previously. Nothing spontaneous!!!

After no success on our spontaneity plans of Monday morning in Vienna, we strolled out through the city’s fanciest street Kohlmarkt. It leads directly to the Hofburg’s Michaelerplatz entrance. Many of the stores (including Demel’s, a famous patisserie) bear a sign proclaiming they were once patronized by the imperial family.

Stop and Play with kids in Vienna. Viennese Gardens. Families can relax in the Inner City’s two major parks, the Burggarten and the Volksgarten. The Volksgarten is more formal (it’s mostly a rose garden), but the Burggarten is relatively casual. You can have some rest on the grass and enjoy beautiful spring weather in Vienna.

Eat Well in Vienna.


I have already mentioned previously, that we enjoyed our eco-friendly breakfasts at the hotel where we stayed during our trip to Vienna. Boutiquehotel Stadthalle has a great variety of food for any ages. And enjoy the breakfast in the garden.

Many of Vienna’s major attractions have popular and convenient restaurants or cafés. After visiting Children’s Museums, we went to take our lunch at Landtmann’s Jausen Station. Highlights of Landtmann’s Jausen Station:

  • Just behind the restaurant you can enjoy almost 1ha beautiful green gardens of Schönbrunn’s Palace. There is the place where were playing the royal kids.
  • Kids can play wherever they want and you can have your lunch without a rush.
  • Bio-toilets, and outdoor baby changer, what makes a pleasure to change the diaper of your kid.
  • Beautiful labirint gardens.
  • Super delicious food and drinks.
  • Very friendly staff, attention to every detail.

And our dinner we had at an amazing place Mayer Am Pfarrplatz. Located in one of the richest locations of Vienna, this place has a big popularity within people. It was fully booked when we went there. In our case, Vienna Tourist Board, asked for a private place for our families group. We enjoyed one of the best white wines of the Mayer Am Pfarrplatz and super delicious food.

Highlights of Mayer Am Pfarrplatz:

  • Family-friendly restaurant, that have special kids’ zone with toys, sand place and kids’ house with toboggan.
  • Delicious food and great desserts.
  • Live music, special musician that plays famous Viennese classic songs, made our stay a pleasant one.
  • This place is well known for theirs white wine.
  • Great staff and very beautiful place.

The city also has a love for pastries, from the famous Sachertorte (which many people–including me–find too dry) to apple strudel and gugelhupf (a marble cake made in a Bundt pan).

We enjoyed Zanoni’s, a wonderful gelateria, or the Manner Shop, where you can buy the popular Manner wafers from its hometown store. Both are located near the cathedral. I am sure your kids will enjoy these places.

Important information to know before you go to Vienna.

  1. Austrian people appreciate their time, that is why they prefer when the reservation is done previously. All restaurants, museums, local attractions even horse-drawn carriages need a previous reservation. There is, the possibility to enjoy your time without too much planning. But, don’t be surprised when they will say NO, if you don’t have a reservation made and the place or attraction is fully booked.
  2. Vienna is busiest in the summer, so the ideal time to visit is the spring or fall. It also is amazing on Christmas time, because of picturesque Christmas markets set up throughout the city.
  3. All children (under 18) are free in state-run museums. Many museums are closed on Monday, so be sure to check opening days and times.
  4. Public transportation is free for kids up to age 6. If you have a stroller, be aware that the older streetcars require you to climb a few stairs to enter.

Last thoughts.

Vienna’s so full of history that joining a city tour is a particularly great idea. We really think on doing this on our next visit to this beautiful city. And for sure we won’t miss the reservation of horse-drawn carriages.

We want to say special thanks to Vienna Tourist Board for having us. We enjoyed our time in Vienna, and kids still remember all the things they have done there. Special thanks to Blanka and Ingrid for organization, Jale for being our guide and her patience through the day, Beatriz & Esther for the support with our kids, and for other families who participated in this Family Adventure. Much love from our family to yours.



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      Thank you, it was a nice experience indeed, and we enjoyed it a lot.

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    Your family travel photos in Vienna look so amazing! I hope that we get to visit Vienna in the future. 🙂

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      I am sure you will do, and will enjoy this city as much we did. I am so happy that you liked our post.

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    Wow, what an adventure. There is nothing worse when plane’s get delayed or cancelled especially when you have kids with you!! But so glad you all made it there, and wow what an adventure. I love that you saw a panda, their so rare in zoos these days, beautiful!! I love all the pictures of your holidays and the in-depth information on all the places you visited and where you stayed. A great blog post, really enjoyed….I may have holiday envy 🙂 x

    • Travel Family Blog
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      Agree, there is nothing worse than a delay when you travel with 2 kids. But, proud of both of them, they were keen to discover new city and were enjoying the time with us at the airport. And as an overview, our experience was a great one, and thank you a lot for your great words.

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      Thank you a lot for your such kind words. We really appreciate such comments. and the trip was amazing indeed.

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      Every minute was worth the experience. I am really happy and proud of our kids, that due to a lot of inconveniences, the trip was a success.

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    How fun! I would have loved to see that panda exhibit!

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      It was our first eve experience to see Panda Bears, and it was a total success for our kids. Kids were staring at these for a several minutes. Lovely experience indeed.

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    WOW, what an amazing trip! your kids are so lucky to be able to experience this. It looks like it was a beautiful trip!

    • Travel Family Blog
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      It was a great trip. And kids enjoyed it a lot, as the trip was kids oriented, and all the experiences were organized thinking on kids. Even the restaurants were kid friendly, what made our experience even much better.

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    You had a great time here in Vienna. Glad you like it and hope you will come again! Greetings from Vienna.

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      We also, hope to come back and enjoy more of this beautiful city!

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