The Cotton House Hotel Review. Barcelona

Located in the center of Barcelona, just 10 minutes walk from all the shops, restaurants and bars, the Cotton House hotel, makes you feel like you are miles away from this rush. The Cotton House Hotel is a 5 star hotel, where past of the building is combined with a luxury hotel. Previously here was the building which once were the headquarters of the Association of Cotton House Manufacturers. Now it is a luxury hotel that is very “cotton”. Here you will see cotton everywhere, from flower arrangements to specially designed scent that intend to mimic that of the sweet-smelling plant.

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After a pleasant stay in the lobby, on gorgeous chairs, we went to the 1st floor and took a little tour – what I do like the most in the hotels.

cotton house hotel (2)

On the first floor is the library, with an amazing amount of books dedicated to sewing and history of cotton. Right from the library you enter a little room. This is a special space where well-heeled guests can still be measured and dressed by some of the city’s top tailors. Additionally, there is a concierge desk and very chic seats. The restaurant right next to the library and concierge is very special. It has the lighting partly provided by bookcases filled with illuminated fabrics. It opens onto an ultimate chic design indoor space for taking breakfast, and very green terrace outdoor. You can choose to have your meals outdoors or indoors.

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We choose to have our breakfast indoors, and just went outdoors to enjoy beautiful arrangements of the terrace. The breakfast buffet has a great variety of food to enjoy. There were not missed the famous “pan con tomate”– bread with tomato sauce and jamon. Apart of this, a lot of sweet cakes to choose. As well we could choose anything else that would be cooked to order, but with 2 hurrying up kids believe me you are happy with the buffet you get.

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And yes, top marks to all the staff, who really were excellent. I was expecting such service, as this is a 5 star property, but it was even better than I thought and it made me very happy. At the entrance to the breakfast area, we were sit as they told us “at the very best place” :). I would say that any place is worth to be sit, but ours was very quiet and cozy for our family. Then coffee, and some tasteful cakes that we asked the staff to bring us, were brought very quick. What we liked a lot.

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We enjoyed our breakfast at such special hotel. If we wouldn’t live in Barcelona, we for sure would choose this hotel for our family stay. The Cotton House Hotel and it’s stuff, makes you feel very comfortable and welcome.

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  1. Beatrice
    May 15, 2017 / 4:37 pm

    What a great hotel, looks like a good place to visit. Nice review and great images of your family. This summer we plan to visit Barcelona. Can’t wait.

    • Travel Family Blog
      May 17, 2017 / 6:38 am

      Hi Beatrice, thanks for your comments! the hotel is really outstanding and the staff is super kind! It is a luxurious place right in the heart of Barcelona.
      here is the link where you can book the hotel directly:

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