Discovering Catalunya En Miniatura with kids. Perfect getaway with kids.

Those of you, who follows us on socials, already know, that even if, we stay in Barcelona this summer, we are not staying at home at all. All our weekends are so well planned, that we visit and do a lot of things with our kids. One of the activity, we made last weekend, was visiting Catalunya en Miniatura and it’s Adventure Circuits.

Catalunya en Miniatura is a half an hour from Barcelona by car. It is located in Torrelles de Llobregat. And it is easy enough to get there for 1 day with kids.

Once at Catalunya en Miniatura, we went directly to Adventure Circuits that they offer to different ages. 4 circuits of different levels and difficulty to perform by yourself under the supervision of an instructor.

There are 4 circuits:

  • Children Circuit – 4-7 years and maximum height of 1.30m
  • Medium Circuit – minimum height 1.20m accompanied by an adult, or 1.30m alone. From 8 years.
  • Extreme circuit – minimum height 1.40m accompanied by an adult, or 1.50m alone, only from 8 years.
  • Banzai tirolina – from 8 years and minimum weight 45kg. A circulation of 150m of cable.

Damian went for the Children Circuit and we went for the Extreme and Banzai. We were climbing pine trunks, walls, bridges, trees, hanging platforms, ladders, zip lines, hiking and experiencing the forest in very original way.


At the beginning we thought, it would be great if Damian would do the Medium Circuit with daddy, but he didn’t want. So, at the end, he went for Children Circuit and daddy for the Extreme Circuit. And Marc, had no option than staring at his big brother and enjoy the adventure by looking at him. Marc is only 2 years, and adventure circuits are open for kids from 4 years and more. We will come back and Marc will enjoy his adventure as well.

All the circuits are very well planned, as before you get on any of these, there are instructors who explain very clear how to make use of the harness and carabiners. And at the end of explanation, you have to practice a little bit.

Damian applied the learned instructions very well, and made a great use of these knowledge while doing his circuit. Meanwhile, daddy was doing his extreme circuit, and nobody went to take images of him. I did, my circuit the last one, so, I was, the lucky one, to have plenty of images and a team to support me on doing the activity.

Daddy told me that the extreme circuit is very simple and there is no difficulty at all. But, for me, it was a super adventure. I was so afraid of doing this, and passing every step. Even though, I am really proud of me doing this. Damian, was supporting me so much, and sending me good thoughts, that I couldn´t stop on the midway.

Last, but not least, was Banzai Tirolina. It was the coolest part of the day for me and daddy. We have had so much fun doing it. Hahaha

After so many emotions and effort we went to take some rest at the restaurant La Lloca, that is inside the park of Catalunya en Miniatura. As well, if you take your food from home, there is a special picnic area to have your lunch in the park.

To finish our visit to Catalunya en Miniatura, we strolled within the theme park. It is an unique experience for children and adults. There are the most representative places of Catalonia, and other famous places of Spain with 1:25 scale models made with great detail.

Personally, I was surprised by Sagrada Familia, every detail that was made on the model. And kids, of course were amazed by places where trains, cars were moving and making noise :).

Catalunya en Miniatura is like having a bird’s eye view of the main monuments and landscapes of Catalonia.

We really advise you to visit this place with your kids. I am sure, they will have a lot of fun and you as a parents as well.

Some interesting information:

Catalunya en Miniatura opened in 1983 and receives an average of 100,000 visitors a year. It is the largest miniature park in the 14 existing parks miniature reproductions in Europe. Although many visitors enjoy activities with family, more and more tourists decide to visit Catalunya en Miniatura (mainly Russian, French and Japanese lately).

More information about Catalunya en Miniatura:


Adventure circuit + Exposition of Catalunya en Miniatura Adult price: 18,30EUR

Adventure circuit + Exposition of Catalunya en Miniatura Children (7 to 12 years)  price: 16,15EUR

Adventure circuit + Exposition of Catalunya en Miniatura Children (4 to 7 years) price: 12,75EUR

Exposition of Catalunya en Miniatura Adult price: 11,50EUR

Exposition of Catalunya en Miniatura Children (3 to 12 years)  price: 8EUR


Timetable of Catalunya en Miniatura:

January, February, November and December: Open every day from 10 to 18: 00h.
March, April and October: Open every day from 10 to 18: 30h.
June and August: Open every day from 10 to 20h.
May, July and September: Open every day from 10 to 19: 00h.
December 25/1 and January 6: Closed.
The ticket office closes one hour before the park closes.

On 23 June 24 December 26 December 31 December and 5 January the park will be open from 10 to 15h.

Adventure circuits:
July, August and mid-September open every day. Rest of the year open only on weekends, holidays and long weekends, except for groups by reservation.



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