Family experience with Mayjo Car Hire – review.

We arranged car hire for Gozo with Mayjo Car Hire. Celine, one of the owner of the company arranged all the details for us. It was fast and easy to arrange our car hire during the stay in Gozo. They do not have an office within the airport, that is why they proposed us a transfer from the airport to their office in Gozo.


We arrived from Barcelona to Luqa at 10:15 am. Once we got our luggages we made our way to exit and there we were met by Mayjo Car Hire staff with our names. He was waiting for us, to take us to Mayjo Car Hire office in Gozo. Well, what to say, it is very pleasant to be received on holidays as home, with your name once you get out from the airport.

A shuttle was parked at the airport parking, and it was big enough for our family of four. If you followed our adventures on instagram, then you could see the picture of the car we were met.

The way from the Airport of Malta, to the port, where the ferry is, took us about 45 minutes of drive. Daddy was constantly asking the driver about Malta, Gozo, things to do, what does he recommend as a local, and so on. The driver was kind enough and answered all our questions.

In the port, we entered into the ferry, right with the car. I have never seen how this is done, I have heard that this process is done quite rapid and without any issues, but I was amazed by how organized is this process of getting the car into the ferry. Once on a ferry, we went on the top of the ferry to enjoy the view. The views are priceless, and all the way from Malta Port to Gozo took us almost 20 minutes or less.

At Mayjo Car Hire Office.

Once we got there, we were waiting to be attended by Paul, the owner, to process all the formalities of the car we will have for our adventures during our stay. Our waiting time, was interesting enough. There were a lot of toys for kids, so both kiddos were well entertained and enjoyed the time. New toys are always a great way for kids to be busy while mum and dad have other things to do. Have you ever seen, kids´ space while hiring a car? Me not. That is why, I like so much companies which offer personalized service for families.

So, once Paul, was with us, he made our formalities very quick. The car we took has all insurances done. So we only had to consider fuel policy, that was to return as found. And another policy of excess dirt will have an additional cost. What was the first time we saw such a policy on a car rental. Here to mention we didn’t have any money block, what surprised us, as many times car hire companies make this. This is a great advantage for any traveler.

We got the keys, and the car was for us to discover the beautiful island of Gozo.

During our stay.

As I mentioned on a lot of posts on socials, it is such a great thing to hire a car during travels. You have the freedom to choose the time and place where you want to go, without depending on anything. And traveling with kids, is always tough, but with car this process becomes easier and pleasant.

We discovered places that wouldn’t dare that these exists. And Gozo, is beautiful enough to be discovered.

Drop Off.

Drop off was even easier for us, as Mayjo Car Hire offers to come to your house and pick it up. How cool is this?

Here to mention, Mayjo Car Hire do not have an office on Malta (main island). If you want to drop off your car at the airport or anywhere in Malta, you are given the option that a person from Mayjo Car Hire to come and pick it up. If the first option to your holiday house is totally free, this service will have an additional cost. Even though, I think this is a great service that not all of rental cars can offer.

Our case.

One of the staff of Mayjo Car Hire came to pick up our car. And then, we had a transfer service from the house to the airport.


Overall we had a really nice experience with Mayjo Car Hire. We had very warm welcome at the airport and then at the office. At the office, the service was very efficient and quick, so no complaints from us.

We had great holidays in Gozo, what I think is most important as a family.

About Mayjo Car Hire.

Mayjo Car Hire is a familiar company, established in 1964, and it was the first ever car renting company in Gozo. They offer one of the best prices for car rentals on the island, and as well the best price for transfers from the airport to their office and backwards.

They have different prices for those who rent the car for a few days, months or for loyal customers. So, always check with them the best price they can offer to your request. All types of cars they offer, you can find on their page.

As well, they make tours to discover Gozo, and Malta. Check out for the offers they have. I am sure you will be pretty amazed.

With love,

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