Silken Park Hotel San Jorge – a hotel to impress in Costa Brava

It had been few months since we last visited Costa Brava – and that was for a day at the beach. We use to go to Costa Brava since we came to live to Barcelona. And it always surprise us with its stunning views over the sea.


This time we choose Platja D’Aro, and this gorgeous hotel on Cala Cap Roig beach was our home away from our home. We needed a familiar room for all our family. And this hotel offered us a bit more than that – here is the link to the hotel. We had a huge room for us and a big living room with a sofa and 2 single beds for our kids, of course we requested a cot for our baby. And it
was more than enough space to have a cot in the living room as well. There were 2 storage furniture for all our clothes and I liked it, as when you go with 2 little kids you have to take with you a lot of stuff. The bed and the bed linen was very comfortable.

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Needless to say, we spent a fair bit of time at the terrace. The terrace is soooo big, there is a lot of space for a table and chairs and two sun loungers only for us (:), of course, it is winter outside, and we didn’t use of these).

silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-27 silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-31

For Damian getting in and out of the room was fun, even when we came back home he told he enjoyed a lot our stay at the hotel.

We couldn’t get any closer to the beach. It was right there, we had only to go down by stairs and voila, the beach is ours. Lovely sunny day, made us enjoy the sea at its highest in winter time.

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Breakfast is enjoyed daily at the buffet restaurant. And yes, there where enough options for Damian as well. As he could choose whatever he wanted. When you book your room, it usually comes with breakfast included, as well you can have half board. Once in the hotel you can ask for a dinner, but you have to reserve it previously at the reception.

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Other special features were, the spa and gym room. We haven’t made use of these, but we have seen that gym has gorgeous views over the sea. So during your workouts, you enjoy the sea views, motivation is on top!

silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-11 silken-park-hotel-san-jorge-12

On this trip we actually wanted to see another destination in Costa Brava, Platja D’Aro. But it was really difficult to leave the hotel, because of all facilities and views it has. We loved the rooms, the service was excellent and the location unforgettable.

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About the review: We were guests of the Silken Park Hotel San Jorge and all opinions are, as always, our own. Room rates for a familiar room vary between 150-300 Euros per night per room, including breakfast. Prices varies from summer to winter.



  1. December 12, 2016 / 11:33 am

    I also live in Barcelona and love going to Costa Brava, specially if the winter days are as clear as the ones we are having know.

    • Travel Family Blog
      December 12, 2016 / 9:24 pm

      Thank you Sara, totally agree with you.

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