Tossa de Mar. The ultimate guide for families with kids.

Marc was 2 months and we decided that we need a relaxing time as a family. We have spent last two months indoors staring at our new son and getting the hang over motherhood, two kids simultaneously, a preschooler and a baby. And dealing with them both, was somehow exhausting, till all of us got used to a new member of our happy family.

We decided very quick, we knew that we were not ready for any flights in 4. A city break was discarded from the beginning, and we decided to go to Costa Brava, easy to get with the best beaches to find. Tossa de Mar was our choice as it has all: large beach, great restaurant options, crystal clean water, amazing views and relaxing atmosphere.

Tossa is almost 100 km from Barcelona, what is pretty long way for a 2 months baby. I morally prepared to tantrums of both of our kids, but no, both of them were amazingly quiet, our baby boy slept all the way long, and our preschooler was unusually quiet. I think, Damian needed a vacation too, and he was happy that finally we went to the beach.


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Here’s our list of must-have beach essentials for a baby and a preschooler:

  1. Sunscreen, preferably 50SPF- one of the safest sunscreens you can find on the market for babies and young children. To be non-chemical, very water resistant, and perfect for sensitive skin. We kept Marc out of the sun and he stayed in the shade during our beach time. For Damian we applied sunscreen to every area of his skin not covered by clothes or a hat. We reapplied after he had played in water, even if the sunscreen is waterproof.
  2. A spacious sun tent or Umbrella. We have 2 in one and is the greatest thing while going to the beach.
  3. A big beach bag – for diapers, wipes, and changing clothes, towels, sun hats, swimsuits and all you need in one place.
  4. Inflatable pool – I love it because it provides a safe, close place for our preschooler to splash, play and keep cool on the beach while I am busy with our baby. Sea water and some float toys can keep our preschooler very entertained. We use one by Jané which found on and it has a very good price.
  5. Toys – our preschooler need lots of them.
  6. Quick-feed snacks. Squirtable fruit packets and dry cereal are always fast and easy.
  7. Cool bag with water and food. Kids used to get thirsty and hungry very often at the beach.
  8. Pushchair – for the nap time, as it is the best place he/she can sleep meanwhile at the beach.
  9. Formula kit, I used to breastfeed and I didn’t need it.
  10. Snorkeling mask or swimming goggles is a must have detail for any Costa Brava visitor. The Sea fauna is the visit card of this area. Last time my husband cached a Sepia with a simple plastic bag. Damian was very happy. Of course we return it back in the sea. I hope to show it to Marc next time :).
  11. Camera – to save all the best moments of your time with kids.
beach tossa-de-mar-1
tossa-de-mar-9 view from the castle

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tossa-de-mar-5 sepia catched
tossa-de-mar-6 cached sepia
tossa-de-mar-14 diving

Things to do while in Tossa:

  • Take sun on Platja Gran, beautiful beach with fine sand and little rocks.
  • To get lost in Vila Vela (Old Town), and enjoy the old architecture of the town. Take a break and have typical lunch in one of the prettiest part of the town.
  • Castillo de Tossa de Mar – walk to the top of the castle and discover amazing view over the town and over the sea. At the top there is a quiet place to take some fresh drinks and eat some tapas. Prices are higher compared to the normal bar inside the town. A coffee is 2.20eur and tapas varies from 8eur to 15eur.
  • Scuba diving – there are a lot of companies who offer diving right in front of the beach. Prices differs, approx price is 48eur/pers 1h of explanation and 1h of diving. But, in reality there are 20-30min of explanation, 20min of dressing and get used to the costumes and then 30-40min of diving. If you are diving for the first time, then you won’t go deeper than 8 meters in the sea. Even though you will enjoy diving as there are a plenty of beautiful fishes. This activity is for adults or for kids with certain age. After checking some reviews on Google we have stopped our decision on They were super kinds and were able to provide instructions in several languages. We contacted the agency by whatsapp on the number:+34 653 93 23 23 and the operator was very receptive.
  • Discover closed beaches (Calas), there are plenty of them in Tossa. There is very clean water and it is warmer than on Platja Gran. These Calas do not have access from the road, the only way you can get there is hiking or get there by boat. If you don’t plan to use a boat, with kids is complicated to get to these closed beaches.

Tossa is a family friendly place to go and we advise you to go there and discover Costa Brava by yourselves.


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  1. Beatrice
    November 12, 2016 / 7:21 pm

    Really a wonderfull place to visit and you have a great family!!!!!!!!

    • Travel Family Blog
      November 12, 2016 / 8:10 pm

      Thank you!

  2. March 12, 2017 / 1:48 am

    Tossa de Mar looks beautiful and the perfect place to spend a fun family day out!

    • Travel Family Blog
      March 14, 2017 / 1:10 pm

      Thank you Sally for sharing our thoughts :).

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