J24 Sailing experience with Centre Municipal de Vela, Barcelona Local Guide

Have you ever went sailing on J24? Yeah, we finally did it with Centre Municipal de Vela.

I remember first time we came to the Port here in Barcelona. We saw the huge amount of different yachts, boats from little ones to the big ones and I remained so impressed. Then, I said to myself that one day we will go sailing and will enjoy the view from the sea to the city. Thanks to Centre Municipal de Vela and their professional staff, my husband, this dream comes true. Even better, we went sailing with our kid as well.

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When we were picked up on J24, the boat were constantly moving, also when we were on port. My legs, and my butt were sore from all the movement on J24 boat. Side to side while tacking and jibing. Great workout, and perfect base for wind, steerage, and sail management. Here to say, that till we felt confident in ourselves, and went throughout the boat to take beautiful pictures, we sit our kid in a closed space. Where we were sure he is safe.

I was too afraid of the moves of the J24 while sailing. But, after few minutes, when I began to understand the way the boat is sailing, we took our kid with us. As he could enjoy the view of the harbor, and of the city. Here I would like to mention, that Barcelona is pretty awesome, and if you didn’t have the chance to come, you just have to do it.

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Timing. We discussed timing of our sailing experience with Pol from Centre Municipal de Vela few days before. My husband wanted to do it early in the morning, or even better, to watch the sunrise from J24. Working hours are from 9am till 8pm, so we had to choose 2 hours of sailing on these working hours. At the end, we went sailing on J24 from 6pm till 8pm. It was just perfect timing. We enjoyed a lot the sunset over the city, and as you can see in the pictures, the images just got lovely with the sun. Once, you decide to go sailing, we really advise you to go in the evening. It is spectacular.

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Our experience sailing on J24, was at the same time amazing, inspiring and a little bit scaring. At the end of our experience we were just happy and impressed. The center, and staff are excellent, and the boat itself is beautiful and big enough (I thought it will be smaller).

At Centre Municipal de Vela they call this sailing experience a romantic sailing experience. Indeed we have had a very romantic 2hours through the coast.

Special thanks to Pol and to all the staff who made us feel important, and have such a lovely experience in the city that we love more and more. Overall a great experience.

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About the Centre Municipal de Vela

Even if we live here for ages, amazingly, but we discovered this place, just 1 month ago, when I went kayaking there with my sister and kids. This is a great local place to rent kayaks and paddle surf by hour. As well you can make a subscription for only 35EUR per/month and 1 hour/day of kayak or paddle surf is included in the price of a subscription. And then you can get other services as J24 sailing, windsurf, catamaran and cruise for an additional price.

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