Masnou – clean beach near Barcelona

Hello there! Long time coming, buuut I am so excited to finally share a little photo diary from our staycationing weekends in Masnou, Spain.

masnou with kids (7)

Today I’m sharing a little seaside town in the north of Barcelona called Masnou, where we go every weekend that is not planned to go anywhere else.

Every time we go by car and take our kiddos with us, obviously :). Spend all day long on the cleanest beach and pure water that is so close to Barcelona.

masnou with kids (10)

A small town directly along the water (y’all, the view is incredible!). It’s about 20 minutes outside of Barcelona, so really just a quick bus or train ride away. But trust me, well worth visiting or staying the night because the town is so quaint and beautiful and the people are incredibly kind, as all Spanish people are!

Highly recommend visiting Masnou, overall just super relaxing place to go with kids.

masnou with kids (12)

The beach is a brilliant scene, with clear blue waters and beautiful sand overlooking the ocean. The town is incredible in itself, but we almost spend all day on the beach and not in town. Kids can do whatever they like, play, swim, sleep, and have a great time on the beach. And we can have few moments of relax at the beach.

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