Hammamet, Tunisia. Medina Solaria et Thalasso.

This May, I had to travel with work to this touristic place Hammamet, Tunisia. It was hard, as I had to be out of home for 4 days, as kids stayed at home with daddy.


How to get there? There are direct flights from Barcelona to Tunisia, once evry 2 days, with Tunisian Airlines. We had to go on Sunday, as all activities began in a Monday morning. From the capital of Tunisia, we had a special organised bus, that took us directly to our hotel, which is situated in Hammamet.

It is 1h of ride from the airport to the Medina Solaria et Thalasso in Hammamet. During this time, we enjoyed the scenary of Tunisian fields, and villages. I had no expectations, but even though, I was surrised to see a lot of Olive Tree Fields on our way.

Once in Hammamet, we saw lots of hotels and beach. It seems that this place is very popular within French travellers. And it is more a sun and beach destination, where almost everywhere are different resorts.

Where we stayed? Medina Solaria et Thalasso, is a 5 star proerty in Hammamet, that has all the facilities you need during your stay. My room was with a sea view. There is a big pool you can enjoy, but unfortunately, the weather during our stay was really bad, that we didn’t enjoy too much of our stay.

It is an all inclusive property and the food is served in a buffet way, and there is no option to choose any themed restaurant. Anyway, there is 24h service, so, you can ask for something to be prepared to you if you need it.

The hotel is located in the first line of the beach, so you just have to go out of the resort and you are at the beach. We had some beach games organized by the company I work for. The sand is really pleasand, but the water was still cold.

My final thoughts.

If you consider this destination as your future travel destination, I really advise you to a full package facilities organized by a travel company. It is not an easy destination to plan all your sightseeings and stay alone. Only, in case you think just to enjoy an all inclusive hotel. People on the streets, love to negotiate. Be prepared, that the price you offered for a service is not a final one.


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