Danone 100 years. Masterchef experience in Barcelona with kids.

Yesterday we went to a special event, organized by Danone, here in Barcelona. They are celebrating 100 years this year. And what they do, is sharing their love and care they do to all the families, and specially for kids. They are conscious about the importance of nutrition in the first years of a kid. And they do all the best day by day, that this care will be easier for us, mommys.

On this special event of 100 years of Danone, they helped us to enjoy the history of it, have some nutrition classes, have fun, and being master chefs for a while, and learn to create a healthy breakfast.

Over the past century, Danone has grown from yogurts sold in the pharmacies of Barcelona to a range of foods and drinks, today enjoyed by millions of people around the world. During these 100 years, Danone continued to innovate, to anticipate and meet people needs. Danone´s commitment is to bring health through food to as many people as possible.

As parents we had a nutritional class, and some interesting information about how to read all the information they share on Danone products. Meanwhile, kids were doing DIY classes where they learnt to re-utilize the plastics of yogurts Danone.

The best part was, when we were divided in 2 groups, and kids were given the opportunity to be the agents of change. Damian, even today, was feeling the power, that he can change the World, for a better one. I know, he can do it.

While one group was doing a quiz, with questions regarding products danone, the process of doing, other group was doing Masterchef class. Both classes were really cool, but for me as a mother, I loved more MasterChef. It was cool to see both kiddos, engaged, preparing a healthy breakfast.

Here are some pictures of them in the process.


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