Mystery Escape – room escape experience in Barcelona

Mystery Escape, a room escape experience in Barcelona.

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For those who doesn’t know what is a room escape, let me explain it in a few words. It is a very popular game within adults, but as well can play kids from 10 years. The game is about being closed in a room, and you have to find the key to get out. It is an adventure game in which you solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues till you complete the objectives of the game. You have only 60 minutes to escape from the room. Usually, in these games play various teams, and the first team which get to find the key in these 60 minutes, wins the game.


Mystery Escape is a special room escape in Barcelona. The thematic of this room escape is the mystery of a mansion, and it is about a “time-travel” adventure into another century. As soon as you step inside the room you will become connoisseurs, immersed in a quest to solve the enigmas, puzzles, and mysteries while you still can. And all the puzzles and riddles follow the theme of the room escape. I won’t say more details, as if you plan to visit it, it won’t be interesting. I think such games you have to discover by your own and to enjoy every moment while there.

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About our experience. We did this experience on Valentines Day, and yes it was a great choice. It is advised to play at least in a team of 3 people, to enjoy the game. We were only 2 of us, but we enjoyed our experience as the puzzles were too interesting to discover. During the game, Mystery Escape progress management software enabled us to track our progress in real-time during each phase of the game. As well, in tough moments, the system sent us cliche to go on to the next level and to find the clue. Amazing adventure, as at the end we were not so keen to escape as to see what is next, and where is the clue of the mystery.

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The best moment of the game, was that we were almost done to get out and our time expired. We think that we needed as much as 5 minutes to get out by our own. Ok, it was sad that we didn’t escape in 60 minutes, but it was so much fun to find all the keys and play all the proposed games. 60 minutes flew so quick and it was a super engaging hour.

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After this game I really know that we are a great team, and we can escape wherever we want together. It would be a room escape, or another travel adventure.

Share your experience in a room escape in the comments, we will read all of your experiences.

And yes, if you come to Barcelona, don’t forget to escape for 1h to Mystery Escape, I promise, you will enjoy.

Important information about Mystery Escape:

Address: Avinguda Diagonal 111, Barcelona

Contact information:

Prices and timetable (09h-13h from Monday to Thursday) – Including VAT

Team of 5 – 16€ / player
Team of 4 – 18€ / player
Team of 3 – 22€ / player
Prices and timetable (15h-21h from Monday to Thursday and 16h-22h from Friday to Sunday) – Including VAT

Team of 5 – 20€ / player
Team of 4 – 22€ / player
Team of 3 – 24€ / player


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