1 day trip to La Molina with kids.

There were some time that we went to La Molina for a 1 day trip. But due to lot of work at our primary jobs, carnaval, school, kindergarten and some birthdays parties, we run out of the time almost all the days. And you know.. sometimes you just need few time of doing nothing, and when I say nothing, I really mean nothing xoxox.

la molina

As I mentioned previously, we went to La Molina for 1 day only. We went there with all grandparents, and it was a lot of fun. We had enough time to spend with kids, and half a day to enjoy the slopes. How do you like such a trip?

La MOlina

About La Molina.

La Molina is the perfect ski resort where you can have some fun and relax with fresh air. It is just a two hour trip from Barcelona to the Pre-Pyrenees mountains, it’s the perfect distance for a one-day ski trip or you could choose from a wide range of accommodation services all within walking distance from the ski slopes.

We haven’t even thought on staying there overnight, as we didn´t take any holidays, and enjoyed the time of a weekend.

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Go to get to La Molina.

There are several options to choose from to get to La Molina.

By Car: This was our option. To drive to la Molina takes approximately 2 hours. There are toll costs to drive through the 5km Tunel de Cadi. But not to worry, the breathtaking views are sure to keep you overwhelmed and pass time quickly !

As well you can drive by mountains, there are a lot of curves, even though, the views are so impressive. But, it takes a little bit longer to get to La Molina.

The cheapest way to get to La Molina will be by train or bus, which include a ski-pass as well. This may be a longer journey because there is many pick up points.

By Bus: There are bus and train connections as well. Moreover you can buy a bus ticket together with the daily pass. Sagales bus company have a one day bus package which includes a ski pass, insurance, and transport for €47 (2017 price). The bus leaves from Placa Catalunya 19, in front of the hard rock café.

By Train: Train is a great option as well. ‘El blanco train’(white train) also known as the ‘ski tren’ are trains that go from Barcelona Renfe Rodalies railway station (Placa Catalunya) to La Molina on weekends and holidays from December to April.

La Molina offers a one day ski package which includes a return train ticket as well and bus passes to the ski area and a day ski pass. The price is €41 for adults and €31 for kids. Tickets are sold at any renfe train station in Barcelona.
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Once there.

The Slopes.
La Molina has all levels of skiers from beginners to experts with many slopes labelled in different colours for each level. Beginner / Intermediate and The Brave hearts slopes. For Any difficulty.

We are not professionals, and we always go to the Beginner Slopes. There you can find shops to hire ski equipment and take ski classes. The slopes are quieter and with a low difficulty.

If you are not into skiing?


If you go there for a fresh air escape, La Molina has different activities to accommodate everyone who don’t ski. There is a large snow park located in the area which offers an alternative to people who prefer not to hit the slopes.

It’s the perfect location for a family or group of friends to have some fun in the snow without skiing with activities like snow-grooming. Or better still you can chill out in Costa Rasa cafeteria, while enjoying the breath-taking views with a hot drink.

We enjoyed doing our snowman and playing with the real snow. It was pretty nice to play there. Only 2 days previously it was snowing there. All the ski resort was in white.

There is also an adventure park as well with zip-lines, Tarzan jumps and many more activities to keep you pumping and filled with adrenaline. The adventure and snow park is guaranteed keep you pumping and is suitable for all ages.

La Molina is definitely worth visiting if you’re living in Barcelona, or if you’re looking for a ski resort near Barcelona.

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