Discovering Italy, Turin with 2 kids.

It would seem that visiting Turin has almost become a part of our lifestyle. Which isn’t surprising as that’s there my sister’s family is based. Being in the city is always something that we enjoy as there’s always much to do so it’s no surprise that we found Turin calling one last time just before the year ran out.


We were there for two reasons; to stay with the family on New Year’s Eve and to make some 1 day tours to other Italian cities. And both our reasons went successful. We enjoyed our family time and we went to both Bardonecchia for ski and Milan for our couple getaway.


Usually, all our trips are completely organized with things to do and see during our travels. Even if we travel with kids, we keep in mind, the most important places we want to go and see. Then, if we have enough time, we permit to check for new places and moments. This trip, instead, was a special one, as it was no-organization at all, and very spontaneous. We had already seen the city and the most beautiful part of it, check our last year post here. So, we just tried to enjoy our time with family and be happy of being with our kids.


When I talk about spontaneity, this means that we have done things, but without any planification.


Right on the second day of our stay in Turin, we took tickets to Bardonecchia, ski town. We, even, haven’t checked the weather there. It was soooo beautiful snowing outside. There is some time that we didn’t see real snow. It was beautiful, and scary at the same time. Afraid of not getting back home :). Beautiful enough, Bardonecchia this year showed us, the all its splendor. It was beautiful to see mountains full of snow, playing with kids, and making a snowman. Sledd and have fun. It was only one day trip, as we didn’t book anything. The ski place is very close to Turin, and easily enough to get a round trip.

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New Year’s Eve and the first day of New Year, was spent with family. My sister’s family, parents, and our kids. These 2 days, passed too quick, we talked a lot, ate a lot, drunk tea and ate tons of panettone. The only way out, was our quick visit to Villa Regina, as it has gorgeous gardens. Unfortunately, the gardens were closed, due to the snow of previous days.

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On one of other days, we went on ice skating with our biggest son, Damian, and our cousin. Our cousin, takes classes of ice skating, and she feels very well on ice. Damian, instead, at the beginning, even didn’t want to go on ice. And it was difficult to convince him. By the way, it was his first time on ice. But, after 1 hour of trying, he was happy enough to stay on ice with daddy. The best thing of it, is, that all of us, enjoyed the time there.

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Within the highlights of our trip to Turin was… we finally went as a couple for 1 day trip to Milan. Another post just to come. What to say, it was some time, since we haven’t walked so much, without making stops, and just enjoyed our time as a couple. Even if, it was so easy to travel without kids. We are so used to have them with us everywhere, at any time, that it was really unusual feeling to travel without them. Meanwhile, our kids, didn’t have time to think about us. My sister went with them to a kid playground, full of balls, inside activities. They have spent very funny the time there, and enjoyed their stay there.

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Last but not least, we ate a lot of pizzas, panettone, chocolates. All Italian food is too delicious to stop eating.

Overall, Italy is simply amazing.

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with love,

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