Borgo Medievale, Turin, Italy – medieval village inside the city. Discover Medieval City with kids.

Our day didn´t begin in Borgo Medievale, it began at Parco del Valentino, a very popular park, that we haven’t seen it previously. It is located along the west part of the river Po, and it extends for a really large are, what makes it the second park of Turin. People come with kids and enjoy the beauty and the greenery of the scenery of this park. Somebody comes to do jogging, some sports and take their special espresso in the morning.

We definitely wanted to go to Borgo Medievale, but how to pass through this beauty and not stay a little bit to enjoy it. Parco Valentino is a must see place, first, it is perfect for those who enjoy sport. If you have kids, it is the perfect place to spent some quality time with them. You can see squirrels, and you will stay happy, that kids enjoy running after those. As well, there is a playground, where kids definitely will enjoy a long day.

Now, after having at least 1h in Parco Valentino, let’s move on, and go to Borgo Medievale. You will ask, what is this? Borgo Medievale is a street, that represents a medieval village inside Turin.

The village is dating from 1884, but actually represents the way the people lived in 15th century. It features the building how those were in Piedmont and Aosta Valley in that period. The village has streets, squares, fountains, fortifications, decorations and frescoes. You can see real houses and artisans’ workshops. We moved through it very fast, as kids were running in different directions.

That is why, we decided to enter the museum or The Rocca. One of the fortress, that represents aristocratic residence whose rooms are richly decorated with furniture, accessories and fabrics that reflect the lifestyle of the nobility in 15th-century Piedmont. The ticket to this museum is 6 EUR per person, and for kids from 5 years 3.5EUR. The price of the ticket is the entrance+guide. The guide take a group and makes a tour through the residence. Explaining every room what is for. Here to say, all the tour is in Italian. The moments that we didn’t understand, explained my sister :).

Inside the castle, you can see: armors and arms, flasks and hoods; in the dining hall
the cupboards reveal embossed kitchenware and pottery while game hangs in the kitchen. All the rooms very authentic as you can see in the images.

After having the tour, the guide left us to discover the medieval gardens. As you can imagine, in winter we could not see too many things.

It was pretty cold inside the castle. Colder that outside. Even though, the visit was worth it.

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