Palazzina di Caccia of Stupinigi – a hidden gem in Turin. Museum visits with kids.

You already know how we feel about cultural places when we go discovering new cities and countries. Well, Palazzina di Caccia of Stupinigi, is one of those places that leaves a special place in your heart.

As told previously, Turin is the historic home to the Savoy kings, and they as far as you know had a huge heritage, that now, is open to a wider public. Turin is a vibrant and visionary city, proud of its historic places, and its cutting-edge design.

The Palazzina di caccia of Stupinigi (Italian: “The hunting residence of Stupinigi”) is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. Built as a royal hunting lodge in 18th century, was a perfect place to go away from city rush :).

As mentioned in my previous post, kids didn’t like the palace as much as we did. All was, due to the fact that they really wanted to touch and run through the palace. So, they had to go outside to the Gardens of the palace. The gardens, were big enough for them, and very beautifully organised. It is true that gardens are pretty nice, but still not like those that we saw in Versailles or Schoenbrunn.

Inside the palace is a beautiful baroque place frescos and nice paintings. The main hall, which is located right in the centre of the palace, in particular, leaves you breathless. Then from the hall you can go to all the rooms that has the palace. Every room has it´s special design, paintings and of course very impressive furniture.

Below, I would love to share with you some of the main pictures that we took there.

Prices: 12EUR per adult, till 5years free, and from 6years 7EUR.

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