Discovering Italy with kids. Turin, Bardonecchia, Lago Maggiore.

Turin is a seductive city. It is our 4th time we visit this beautiful city. Of course, the main reason is visiting my sister and her family. But, I assure you, that we are not staying at home at all, every time we come there.

And each time, Turin leaves in our hearts some beautiful memories. First one, was Museo Nazionale dell Automobile, second Venaria Reale, third Museo Egizio and now,  Palazzina di Caccia of Stupinigi. And here I am talking about the culture, and not about food or people. Who, as you well know are so warm and hospitalier.

Curiously, this former industrial powerhouse, first capital of a unified Italy and historic home to the Savoy kings, has always been ambivalent about its heritage. The Piedmontese are diffident and undemonstrative by nature; they would rather let the city do the talking.

But Turin, now prefers to cast itself as a vibrant, visionary city, proud of its contemporary arts scene, its cinematic heritage and its cutting-edge design. The city has built on its car design heritage to become a place for all creative industries.


Here we can talk a lot about this city. But, today, my main reason is to share with you the highlights of our stay there. During the next weeks will share as well the detailed information of each of the places.

First day of our stay in Turin.

On the first day, we went visiting the famous Palazzina di Caccia of Stupinigi. When my sister, told me, that this is the place she wants to show me, I thought that she is talking about Venaria Reale. Pictures were similar enough. Only, once there, I understood that things are totally different.

Palazzina di Caccia of Stupinigi, was restored few years ago, and every room we visited is priceless. The art, decor and rooms make you feel back in the future and feeling all the emotions of people who came to live there. Kids didn’t love too much the place, but this is because, they were prohibited to run there and forth. The perfect place for theirs runs, were the gardens of the same place. Large, beautiful and on open air.

After visiting the palace, we went for more kids friendly place. Skating in the city center, where is special skate place done during winter time. 30 minutes are free if you come with your skating boots, and if not, there are option of renting those.

Second day of our stay in Turin.

On the second day, we were waiting for our parents, who came to my sister’s house, to celebrate New Year´s Eve all together. We went to discover one of the places, that we have never been before while in Turin. It is about Borgo Medievale, a street, that is all in Medieval style, and has one of the oldest Museums of the city. In Borgo Medievale, you can find, the authentic local food and books.

Museum in Borgo Medievale, by the way, the cheapest museum of the city, 6 EUR per person, kids till 5 years, enter for free. This museum was built in 18th Century, but shows, how people were living in 16th century. What we liked the most, is that the entrance to the museum was by hours, and for each group of people we had a guide, who explained us every room what was serving for. Very interesting.

On the next 2 days in Turin, were preparations for New Year’s Eve and celebrating it 2 days long. Of course, we went walking and discovering all possible parks for our kids, but not further :D. At the end, this is family time. Agree?

On our fifth day we went one more time to Bardonecchia.

Usually, we go to Bardonecchia for 1 day trip. Firstly, it is very easy to get from Turin, almost 1.30h, the price for train ticket is 7 EUR adult, and kids from 5 years- 3,5EUR, smaller kids go free. And the second reason, is that almost all the properties ask for a minimum 3 or 4 days stay in Bardonecchia, and this is a long time for us. As, our main reason is not going to ski, but to enjoy some fresh mountains air.

The day was very beautiful in Bardonecchia, a little bit cold in the morning, but once the sun cames, it was lovely. Unfortunately, we had no luck for seeing real snow, the one that was there, was artificial.

It was for the first time, that we found there a playground for kids, and at the midday, was easier to entertain kids there.

The best part of the day, was watching sunset with hubby, and celebrating our 15th anniversary on the top of the mountains. While, kids were enjoying the time with my parents.

Our sixth day in Turin.

On our sixth day in Turin, we went to one authentic restaurant, Restaurant Fiat (Fate in fretta a tavola), what means hurry up to the table. We went for lunch with my sister´s bosses and friends. The restaurant is located in the historic Lingotto production facility in Turin. It is from 1900 and is ideal place to eat classic dishes in a warm and welcoming setting. We ate super delicious pasta, me pasta with porcini, and hubby pasta a la carbonara. And the best part of the day, was eating the famous cake of the restaurant Torta Fiat 500. It is one of the places that you don´t have to miss up, while in Turin.

After a great lunch with amazing people, we went on discovering the city and enjoying one more time few hours as a couple.

In the evening, I really wanted to go to Monte de Capuccini. The typical picture of Turin that you see, with mountains is taken there, at Monte de Capuccini. On previous years we went there during the day, and the views are amazing indeed. But, my sister´s friends recommended us to go by night. It was WOW. A really worthy experience. The city by night with all its light, looks very beautiful. No image, can show the real beauty of it.

Usually, both kids, don’t show their pleasure on watching the cities from above. But this time, was for the first time, when Damian, without asking him, told me that it is so so pretty. Our little traveller finally enjoys it more and more.

Our seventh day in Turin.

On our seventh day in Turin, we finally went on hot air balloon. When I say, finally, that means, that we went 4 times, till at the end we had the experience. The main reason, was weather and licence. Anyway, we had the experience, and it was lovely.

Actually, expectancies were higher that the reality. But, even though, we enjoyed our going up and down on it. Both kids, enjoyed the experience, and didn´t want to go down. This was really lovely.

Our eighth day in Turin.

It was not Turin, we went to Lago Maggiore. Here to confess, I was really wishing to visit this place for some time. I didn’t told this to my sister, as we are a lot of people, 2 families, and now, with my parents 3 families. We had to rent a van for our big family to go there. That is why, I left this as a wish for when we could go directly there.

Did you know, that wishes come true. And because of my sister and her husband, we went to Lago Maggiore in 4. Leaving kids and our parents at home.

By car, Lago Maggiore is only 1,5h, but with train are all 3h. As there is no direct train to get there, and you have to make a stopover.

We went to Stresa, a beautiful and posh city by Lago Maggiore. Prices are really high there, a coffee and a croissant is more than 5 EUR.

We walked through this beautiful and posh city, took some lovely images to the lake. And then, we took an excursion to 2 island on Lago Maggiore. To the closest ones, Isola dei Pescatori, and Isola Bella. The ferry comes every hour and bring and take people from the islands. 1 hour is more than enough to discover the little islands walking. Only if, you are not planning to stay there for lunch, that is obviously, will take longer.

Both islands have Italian beauty, that is not compared with other cultures. Narrow streets, beautiful boutiques, and delicious smells of pizza.  

At the end, we took our lunch in Strenza, and not on the islands, and then went back to Turin.

On our next day we came back home. It was a fulfilled holiday, in terms of visiting lots of places, enjoying the time with all my family, and happiness that brought all our kids to our parents.

See on the next post.

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