Annecy – a fairytale town in France. Discover France with kids.

  1. Annecy – a French fairytale town, close to the village we stayed in the house of our friends. It is also called, a little Venice of Alps. And, I can firmly say, all the people are right. The town is very beautiful and have several places that you have not to miss if you are there.  

How to get to Annecy?

We had the chance that our friends, took us on their car and we went all together. And indeed, you will need a car for rent. I heard, that there is option to take a train, but I didn´t see the station. Closest airport is Geneva, what is already Switzerland.

About Annecy

Annecy is a French town, full of canals, has castles, and colorful buildings all around. And last but not least, a huge, clean and beautiful Lake. Any shot looks like made for postcards. We captured all around, and couldn´t get enough of its beauty.

Annecy’s Old Town is absolutely swarming with tourists, but you can still enjoy it. As well, it is true, that we went directly to the Christmas Market, and of course in this time, there were lots of people enjoying decorations and street food.

And if you are a foodie or shopaholic, this town is for you. As our friends, explained to us, because the town is small, and it has to retain somehow the tourists, the food they offer has to be to the highest lever. We could not resist for some street food, and bought some pastries. Those were just de-li-cioooooous!!!!

Kids chose some super delicious pastries, and were all in chocolate. It was funny to take shots with them.

Lake Annecy

On any day of the year, almost all the locals and tourists stay here. Strolling, cycling, jogging along the lakefront. Enjoying the playground with kids, that is close by. Well, as you see, a perfect place for admiring the nature.

I was super amazed of how clean is the water of the lake. It remembered me the white blue beaches of Menorca.

Lake Annecy is considered the third largest lake of France. And as well, the cleanest lake of Europe with the water coming from snow melting in the Alps. I can´t agree more, as we saw.

With all 4 kids, we went to playground that is right in the lakefront. There were lots of parents waiting for their kids. And we stayed a lot as well. Our kids, just didn´t want to move from the place.

Once we had them close to us. They were already running there and forth after the birds and enjoying the chill weather of that day.

Stroll around the canals

Annecy’s old town – the Vieille Ville – has lots of waterways, surrounded by pretty, pastel-coloured buildings. The water comes from the River Thiou, which at only 3.5km long is one of Europe’s shortest rivers, connecting the River Fier to Lake Annecy. But what it lacks in length it makes up for in scenic surroundings. The river splits and rejoins around the old town, creating islands linked by arched bridges. We just took several pictures on one of the bridges.

We saw the old town of Annecy and the lake in only few hours. I am sure we missed up, some pretty castles and narrow streets. But, if you want to spend a short weekend getaway somewhere, I would really advise you to come to Annecy.

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