Kids meet Red Deer Stags in France. Family experience in France

As you saw from our previous post, our visit to France was a total success. And specially because in one of the days we went watching red deer stags, very close to the village our friends live.

Actually, our friends, go very often there, as there is a playground in woods, and it is very close to the school, their kids go. It was after rain, and kids, didn’t stay to play at the playground. But, I assure you, it is a very big one, and in any other occasion, kids would enjoy.

We run, out of the time, and we went right to the stags of deers that are close to this playground. Red deer, like their smaller cousins the Roe deer, are common in France. We didn’t know such facts, till  I was preparing this post for you.

In France there is a large amount of forested land, the natural habitat of the red deer, and several remote and rural areas have quite large populations. Each family of red deer requires approximately 25 square kilometres of terrain.

The one, we saw, was closed to the public. In any other day, I understood that we could enter. But, it was late in the evening and there were no people working.

The red deer is herbivorous, with a diet depending on the region. Pine trees, brambles, fruit, grass, and young tree shoots are commonly eaten, as are fruit and sometimes sweetcorn in cultivated regions. We gave them, all we found just around the place. Some grass those ate, other ones no.

It was an amazing experience. These were quite far from us, but several of those weren´t afraid to come closer and interact with us and kids. Sincerely, I was quite afraid of touching, but the wish was higher than fear.

And, I was touching them first. Then, once saw that they are cute enough, we permitted kids to touch those as well.

Red deer, are such beautiful creatures. Such an experience will remain for a long time in our hearts.

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