Top 5 places to eat in Turin, Italy.

As you saw from our previous posts, we never write about food. But, from today, we even, decided to create a special category, called FOOD, where we will share our food experiences while travelling. Today, I will share with you, top 5 places where to eat or take a great coffee, while in Turin.

It is true, that while travelling with 2 kids, we always tend to eat at home, and take an airbnb, where we can prepare the food. But, it is not exception, that we are going out, if we are recommended a place. In Turin, Italy it is different, as we usually stay at my sisters´ family house, and if we go out, this is because, she knows that the place is amazing.

Let’s proceed with our top 5 places.

  1. El Bicherin – Caffe Al Bicerin Dal 1763

The Cafè Al Bicerin, is one of the places in Turin, that has a rich history. It is very famous for a special coffee they prepare and the quantity of chocolates it sell. As well, this place is famous for hot chocolate drink of Turin named Bicerin, but it has coffee in it.

We found this place a little bit expensive, if comparing with other coffee bars and restaurants. But, if you are looking for something exclusive and very special, then you have to come here and try Bicerin.

The place itself is unique and historic with a very warm atmosphere. Yet, it is very small, and we had to stay in a queue to get inside. What made us almost to quit and go for coffee in another place.

We loved sitting in this cafe sipping our Bicerin coffee and listening to all the different languages floating around. There, we realised, that the place is very known within tourists and not locals. My sister, didn’t hear about this place previously.

  1. Osteria del Fiat Fate – In Fretta A Tavola

Osteria del Fiat Fate – In Fretta A Tavola. The restaurant is located in the historic Lingotto production facility in Turin. This place is open from 1900 and is ideal place to eat classic dishes in a warm and welcoming setting. We ate super delicious pasta, me pasta with porcini, and hubby pasta a la carbonara. And the best part of the day, was eating the famous cake of the restaurant Torta Fiat 500. It is one of the places that you don´t have to miss up, while in Turin.

The restaurant offers a daily menu, and as well dishes a la carte. It is not cheap, but it has a great service and dishes are just yummy yummy.

Osteria del Fiat Fate is small enough, and always it is full at the midday. If you plan to eat there, then you have to do a previous reservation, and to get your table.

  1. Eataly Incontra Caffe Vergnano Alla Mole

Eataly is a chain of restaurants and markets that offer to theirs customers only bio food, and by quality is considered one of the best. It is true, that due to BIO factor, you will have an expensive lunch there, but it will be worth it.

In this case, I really advise you to go to any of Eataly restaurants, not only this special one that is located below National Museum of Cinema of Turin.

In this one, that we went, we had an awesome atmosphere, and a good experience. The menu is limited, but if you want something Italian, then you will find it for sure. Besides, every restaurant, there is a market, where you can buy BIO products and to take those home.

  1. Ristorante Pizzeria Londrina

Londrina restaurant is located only 5km away from Turin airport. It offers menu, or dishes a la carte. You can choose from a great variety of sea food or very Italian, like pizza or pasta.

In our case, we took seafood, and all the food were super delicious. Service was great, and prices right. If you, stay in the are, we recommend you to go and enjoy the place.

  1. NH Lingotto.

Last but not least, NH Lingotto restaurant. As in any of the hotels, the prices are little bit higher than average, but it is worth it. We are not used to eat in hotels´ restaurants, but this one we liked a lot. The service and food were pretty good.

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