1 day trip with kids to Bardonecchia. Turin, Italy.

Bardonecchia is located in Piedmont region, Metropolitan City of Turin. That is why it is really fast and easy to get there from Turin. And, believe me, it is just a perfect destination for 1 day trip with kids.

It is about 90 km from Turin, and with a train you can get in 1,5h. On all the way from Turin to Bardonecchia you can see, lots of villages with mountains views.

This year, was for the first time, when we took a walk and enjoyed the village. Meanwhile, we were walking, and grandparents stayed with kids, we found a huge playground for kids, not far away from skiing area. We were happy, that finally found a place that all the kids will enjoy.

Bardonecchia is a small village, but due to tourism increased a lot. And you, can clearly see, that lots of houses are for rent and there no people living in those. A great part of the area is Bardonecchia ski area, where you can enjoy it no matter your level of proficiency is.

The first area is known as the Colomion-Les Arnauds. It is connected to another skiing area named Melezet: here you’ll find a wealth of wide runs that snake down through the trees. The starting point is from Campo Smith (1300 m) in the heart of the resort. Here, the lifts take you to the highest point of 2400 metres where you can ski above the treeline.

Just 5 minutes from the centre, is the third skiing area Jafferau. There is a free ski bus that runs from the centre to Jafferau where the skiing is mainly on open runs with amazing views over the surrounding mountains. Here the highest point is 2800 metres.

This year, I decided to enjoy the time with kids, and only daddy took his snowboard during the day. We, my sister, my parents and me with kids, we went directly to enjoy the big playground that we found in the area. Kids were super happy of the place, and it was even difficult to take them back to take the lunch at the bar.

The best part of day was, when daddy took me to the highest point to watch sunset by the mountains. It was for the first time, to experience this. This was just lovely, and we celebrated our 15 years anniversary together. There is a long time we are together.


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