For a walk to Dalt Vila, Ibiza Old Town

In one of the days we stayed at the Hard Rock Ibiza with my co-workers, me and other 2 of my colleagues decided to go for a walk to Dalt Vila. Dalt Vila is the oldest fortress of the Island of Ibiza and is one of the UNESCO World Heritages.

It is 5-10 minutes by taxi from Hard Rock Ibiza, or 20 minutes by bus. We went walking, as it was great weather, and we also wanted to explore the village that is close to the hotel. So, it took us almos 1h of walking.

Dalt Vila is the high part of the old historical centre of Ibiza, located inside the 16th-century Renaissance city walls. It was my second time exploring Dalt Vila. And it was like the first time, as we went on another road, and explored other parts of its walls.

Long time ago in Dalt Vila were living hippies, gypsies and you can find lots of their houses in the walls of the fortified Dalt Vila. Now, you can see that some on some of its streets are still living residents of Ibiza. You will see laundry flapping over the balconies. And the local Ibiza people going about their day in the midst of the tourists.

Here you can find local shops with specific white clothes, island goodies and so on.

Dalt Vila is a higgledy-piggledy maze of cobbled streets. You will always remain impressed. During your way up or down, you will find in your way traditional white-washed houses, with fascinating combination of art, style, culture and, of course, history.

We were very limited of time, and the only thing we did, was going up, and check some local shops, nothing more. There was no time for museums or churches, that seem to be beautiful to explore there.

But, we went right up to the highest point, and there we enjoyed some unforgettable views of white island. Climbing upward was a nice experience as the views were growing more stunning with every step. We took awesome pictures on our way.

On our way back, down, we saw many craft shops. We also, saw a great selection of restaurants where you can enjoy Mediterranean food.

Now, close your eyes and start picturing a stroll through the old town of Ibiza. Feel the fresh air, enjoy the smell of the sea…let the adventure envelop you!



  1. Beatrice
    October 24, 2019 / 8:53 am

    Wonderful view of old town!

    • Travel Family Blog
      October 25, 2019 / 10:12 am

      I had an amazing walk through the old town, simply amazing.

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