Santuari de Queralt. Must see place in Berga with kids.

Have you been to Berga? We went previously to Berga Resort, many of you will remember this place for sure. We shared lots of beautiful pictures there.

So, basically, it was our first time to discover the place with kids. Berga is a small town compared to Barcelona, but for the region of Bergueda, it is the capital. The town itself is not well known, but locals know many hiking routes that are done in the region. The place itself is famous for many amazing hiking routes and beautiful forests.

We went to Berga, mainly to visit Santuari de Queralt. We were lucky as the weather was perfect, clear blue skies and sunshine. As well, Santuari de Queralt is located on the top of the forests, and when we were looking down, we saw many colorful trees. Such a beautiful way to enjoy autumn.

Santuari de Queralt is about 9km away from Berga city center, like 15min drive from Berga on mountain roads. Then, you have a free parking, where we left the car and walk up the stairs that lead to the church. The church was built in the 18th century and it is very beautiful inside.

The altitude of Santuari de Queralt is almost 1200 metres. And it is between ridges and cliffs, you feel like flying among the clouds during the day. From there, you can clearly see the city of Berga, and Bergueda region. If you have a look closer to our pictures you will see the lakes, that are also beautiful.The sanctuary is open all year round and has a bar service, parking spaces and a shop.

We went higher than the church, where Tres Creus mirador and Garreta balcony is situated, called as well Catalonia ́s balcony.

What we enjoyed the most, apart from sightseeing, were watching how eagles were flying. It was amazing to look at them how they were flying up and were gone with the wind.


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