3 of the best road trips to take in Europe

One of the many beauties of travelling across Europe is the relative ease of being able to cover lots of different countries and cultures. Keep in mind, though, that some European countries have stricter travel laws than others – in Spain, for example, if you need spectacles to drive you have to carry a second pair with you at all times!

Whilst air-travel continues to be the popular choice for tourists, as it provides the opportunity to cover large distances quickly, the driving holiday has enjoyed something of a resurgence in recent years. The ‘road trip’ provides greater flexibility for travellers and a chance to take in incredible scenery and culture along the way.

Selecting three of the best road trips in this fascinating and eclectic continent was quite a challenge, but we’ve got three incredible routes that you just have to experience!

1)    Atlantic Road – Norway

Described as ‘the most beautiful journey in the world’, this idyllic route is by far the shortest route on this list, but the sheer amount of scenery, history and culture more than makes up for it. The route provides a stunning journey through lush green landscapes and along rugged coastlines and is a simply stunning way to enjoy the beautiful Norwegian countryside.

The experience is truly unique, and the road makes you feel almost at one with the incredible landscape. The geography of the area means that you’ll drive across an archipelago of uninhabited islands and a collection of eight bridges, providing the perfect platform for your journey.

Top road trip tip

Keep your eye out for film crews. The Atlantic Road is one of the most popular destinations in the world for car companies to film their adverts!

2)    The Italian Lakes

The lakes have been a popular destination for tourists for hundreds of years. Way back in the 18th and 19th century, it was commonplace for visitors to explore this area of outstanding beauty via horse and carriage and that’s a tradition that’s continued right up to this day (horse and carriage not included).

The excellent links with Milan airport mean that a popular choice for travellers is to pick up a rental car and make their way through the countryside to the lakes.

The backdrop and geography of the lakes and surrounding mountains means that navigating around the area can be quite challenging, but the views you’ll experience are certainly worth it.

Top road trip tip

Planning your road trip for spring or autumn will provide you with good enough weather to properly enjoy the stunning landscape, whilst also escaping the summer season rush.

3)    The Romantic Road – Germany

The Romantic Road route is a roughly 200 mile stretch of road between Würzburg and Füssen in the Bavarian region of Germany. Bavaria itself is a simply idyllic part of Germany and this route pierces right through the middle of the region, showcasing the heart of traditional German and Bavarian culture.

As the name would suggest, the drive is particularly popular with couples as it winds through a collection of some of the most picturesque towns and villages in the world. You’ll know when you’ve arrived on the route, as in addition to the fantastic scenery, there are helpful brown signs to keep you on track.

Top road trip tip

Whilst you’re in Bavaria, Neuschwanstein Castle is well worth a visit. It’s thought to have inspired Walt Disney’s fairytale castle, and you can definitely see why.


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