French countryside. Enjoying nature with kids.

When you think of France, you might only think of Paris. Paris is obviously iconic and an amazing place to visit, but the rest of France has some serious hidden beauty waiting to be explored.
The French countryside is dotted with quaint villages and breathtaking landscapes. It’s the type of region that you don’t know what you’re missing out on until you get your first glimpse.

I think we would never thought to go on a French countryside holidays, if there were not living our friends. It is weird, but usually even the most travelled people, prefer well known destinations to such hidden gems. And not because, we do not want to discover, but it is the thought of not losing time on a place that is not worth it.

As we stayed in the countryside, during our trip to France, we had not only the opportunity to discover bigger cities like Annecy or Geneva. We also, had the opportunity to stroll through the village we stayed, and enjoyed some amazing time there.

The village we stayed, is located close to another town, which is bigger, but even though, the biggest cities are Annecy and Geneva. And if you want to get there, you will need a car.

During our stroll through the village, we enjoyed fresh air, great weather, stunning landscapes, and white-mountains on the background. A day of climbing, hiking, and probably stumbling across the village, went great for us and for kids. We enjoyed the tranquility of the place, the pure sounds of nature and air full of oxygen. Such things are a luxury in big cities.

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