Unraveling the Magic of Rainha Santa Isabel: Your Dream Family Room in Óbidos, Portugal

Picture yourself in a charming medieval town, strolling through cobblestone streets, and basking in the historic ambiance. Welcome to Óbidos, Portugal, where history meets luxury at the exquisite Rainha Santa Isabel hotel. And just can’t believe it, we stayed there 🙂

1. A Fairytale Setting in Óbidos

Located within the ancient walls of Óbidos, the Rainha Santa Isabel hotel is a treasure waiting to be explored. As you step into this enchanting haven, you’ll be captivated by its traditional Portuguese architecture, reminiscent of a bygone era. The hotel’s central location allows you to immerse your family in the town’s medieval charm while still enjoying modern comforts.

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2. Introducing the Family Room

The Rainha Santa Isabel hotel understands the needs of families traveling with children. That’s why they offer thoughtfully designed family rooms that ensure both parents and kids have a comfortable and memorable stay. These spacious rooms are equipped with a range of amenities to cater to the needs of all family members.

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3. Ample Space for Everyone

One of the key advantages of the Rainha Santa Isabel’s family rooms is the ample space they provide. You won’t feel cramped or crowded, allowing your little ones to play freely and ensuring everyone has their own personal space to unwind after a day of exploring Óbidos.

4. Child-Friendly Features

Rainha Santa Isabel goes above and beyond to accommodate families with children. The family rooms come with child-friendly features such as safety rails, plug protectors, and blackout curtains, ensuring the little ones’ safety and a good night’s sleep.

5. Modern Amenities for Ultimate Comfort

The hotel’s family rooms are equipped with modern amenities that cater to the needs of both parents and children. Expect comfortable beds, air conditioning, and complimentary Wi-Fi to keep everyone connected and entertained. Some rooms also come with a mini-fridge to store snacks and drinks for the little adventurers.

6. Unraveling the Town of Óbidos

While the Rainha Santa Isabel hotel offers a delightful stay, the real magic lies in exploring the historic town of Óbidos. Take a leisurely walk along the ancient walls, enjoy the panoramic views of the town and surrounding countryside, and discover charming cafes and shops along the way.


Our family trip to Óbidos, Portugal, enriched by the warmth and comfort of Rainha Santa Isabel’s family rooms, promises to be an extraordinary experience. Create lasting memories as you immerse yourselves in the medieval charm of Óbidos while enjoying the modern comforts of the hotel. Rainha Santa Isabel beckons you to experience the magic of family travel amidst history and luxury.

Pack your bags, and let the enchantment of Rainha Santa Isabel and Óbidos weave its spell on your family for an unforgettable adventure.

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