Zumaia, another gorgeous Game of Thrones location in Basque Country

Zumaia is a destination where many film producers go for a great scene. In 2014, the very well-known Spanish movie had a total success, Ocho Apellidos Vascos. And, then Game of Thrones, decided to catch these stunning views of Basque Country.

We planned to visit Zumaia, on our way to Hendaya, to the apartment we stayed in France. But at the end, we went there, right after we visited San Sebastian, and it was just a great decision. Zumaia is located only half an hour away from San Sebastián, so it’s the perfect option for a day trip to explore the beautiful scenery of the Basque Country.

We went there by car, but there is also the option of taking a train from San Sebastian.

If you read my previous post about San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, then you saw this was one of the destinations films in the 7th season of GOT. Zumaia is another Game of Thrones location you’ll reach en route to San Sebastian, and Getaria and Zarautz are other towns worth making stops at as well. We saw these villages from the car, as it was dark outside already when we went back to our airbnb.

The coast of Zumaia is part of the Basque Coast UNESCO Geopark. Located in between a bay and the rugged coast of Guipuzcoa, this small fishing village is the most impressive and unusual archaeological formations on Earth. 

We didn’t get enough time to visit the beaches of Zumaia, but, what we did, where to get right to San Telmo. San Telmo is a beautiful church on the top of the hill, that have spectacular views over the cliffs, and it seems like a fortress overlooking the town. The chapel dates to the 16th century and was constructed to protect the many sailors coming from this town that risked their lives in the sea every day.

On our way to San Telmo, we went through the Old Town, and we saw the best examples of the traditional Basque architecture, with dark red roof tiles and wood façaces filled with windows and balconies painted in vivid colors.

On our way back to the car, we stumbled right in the middle of Christmas celebration on the streets of Zumaia. It was a beautiful experience, people were singing, they were throwing candies to kids, laughed a lot. It was an amazing time to spend there.

If you look for a place to have path, to rethink and to take some time to talk with your inner voice, San Telmo and Zumaia are the right places for you.


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