1 day trip with kids to Zaragoza. Top things to see with kids.

1 day trip with kids to Zaragoza is just perfect getaway for a short weekend. On this post I will share top things to see with kids. As there are fewer than if you go as solo traveler or couple traveler. Obviously, you have much more time to discover the city while going alone. Even though, we enjoyed our day in Zaragoza.

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The purpose of our trip was to visit some of our kin, who live just outside Zaragoza city. And almost all the weekend we spent with them, having our BBQ, sharing stories that happened to us during the time we haven´t seen each other. And only 1 day we dedicated to visit the city center of Zaragoza, and have more touristy view of the city.

We were lucky enough, and there were almost 24C degrees and it was a very sunny day. What can we desire more from a travel? Great sunny day, lovely views, amazing food and very kind people.

How to get to Zaragoza. We went by car, it is 300km from Barcelona, and it took us 3,5-4h to get there. There is an option to come with AVE (quick train) from Barcelona (Estación de Sants) and the price varies from 45-70EUR depending on the time you buy the ticket. Then you also can get ther by bus, from Estación de autobuses Barcelona Nord, the price is 16EUR per person/one way. If you buy a return ticket you can get it for 28EUR, depending on the timelines. There is an airport in Zaragoza as well, but no info about routes and prices.

Where to stay in Zaragoza. As mentioned previously, we stayed at our kin, just outside from Zaragoza. Even though there is a great variety of hotels to stay for a very reasonable price. During fall season, you can get prices even for less than 50EUR. Some of good hotels are: Ilunion Romareda, Vincci Zaragoza Zenter, Melia Zaragoza.

Things to do in Zaragoza.

Zaragoza is a city that is easy to get walking and visit all the best places in only 1 day. As all the main things to visit in Zaragoza are located close to each other. Here is one of our list, dedicated mostly for families who travel with kids.

TOP 5 things to do in Zaragoza

  1. Get right to the Old Town, where is Plaza del Pilar. A great place to have a walk, run and play time with your kids. A super large place, to enjoy it with the kids. Surrounded with a great bars and restaurants with a good value price/food/drinks.

Zaragoza (5)

2. Enter the Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar. The inside of this church is amazing. It is worth to visit than any other art museum, as it is more a church-museum. A lot of great Biblic sculptures, with great themes. Interesting fact about this church is that in 1933, during the World War, in this church were found 2 bombs, that didn´t get to explode. So, it is considered that this is a very saint place in Zaragoza.

Zaragoza (6)

3. Going further, La Seo del Salvador. Beautiful church inside and outside. We didn´t spend a lot of time there, as there was a wedding and a lot of people who attended the wedding.

Zaragoza (10)


4. El Ebro. The biggest river of Zaragoza, that unite the old town with the new part of the town. We have seen that there are people who loves to do kayak and canoy by the river.

Zaragoza (23)

5. Puente de Piedra. Apart of a great bridge that unify the old town with new part of the town. It has spectacular views over Basílica and the river.

Zaragoza (25)


And here are some more pictures from our getaway.

Zaragoza (1) Zaragoza (2) Zaragoza (4) Zaragoza (7) Zaragoza (9) Zaragoza (11) Zaragoza (12) Zaragoza (13) Zaragoza (15) Zaragoza (24)

And some lovely sunset pictures from the village we stayed at our kin.

Zaragoza (29) Zaragoza (30)





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