Aveiro Portugal in two days “The Venice of Portugal”

About Aveiro:

Aveiro, Portugal, also known as the “ The Venice of Portugal”. This village was recommended by friend who lives in Portugal and told it is worth visiting. Aveiro is an adorable little fishing town about 40 minutes south of Porto. It can be described as overwhelmingly charming and picturesque.

How to get to Aveiro:

  • From Oporto Airport: Go to the Metro entrance. The line will take you directly to Campanhã Train Station which is almost at the end of the line. Using the following link you can download the System Map and the schedule. Make sure you purchase your Andante at one of the machines and to validate it before going in!
  • From Lisbon Airport: The best way to get to Averio from Lisbon is by Train. Once you exit the airport on the right side you will find the Metro entrance. You have 3 stops to Airport to Oriente Train Station. Here you can take the train to Aveiro. We advise you to check the Metro Full map, the Working hours and the Prices.

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First impression when arriving in Aveiro:

For us, as we went with 2 backpacks, the town felt small and walk-able. The bus station was only 15 minutes walking from the city center and our hotel. We really enjoyed our walk until getting to the hotel and the beauty of this small town.

Aveiro is divided by scenic waterways, where colorful gondola-style boats pass through. The buildings and homes create a unique mosaic of colors and patterns, and the beautiful flowers, parks and gardens add to the magic! We have noticed some architectural similarities with Oporto where we just arrived from, however this place was more relaxing but still crowd.

Aveiro is known as the “Venice of Portugal” thanks to the canal that runs through the town. Fittingly, moliceiro boat rides are available for tourists as a unique way to see the city. They are similar to the gondola rides you see in Venice, but most of them are larger and take more passengers.

Our accommodation in Aveiro Portugal:

Our hotel was just on the other side of the main street of Aveiro, where all local shops and restaurants were located. On one side it is great, as we didn’t need to walk a lot, but on another side, it was quite noisy to sleep.

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Aveiro 2 days experience:

Since we till had time we left our backpacks and went to explore the town in the evening. The village/town is very romantic, the art nouveau architecture, gondolas on the river, restaurants, the vibrant crowed made our evening a relaxing one. We even tried the biggest ice-cream that we ever ate.

Second Day in Aveiro:

On the next day, we took our breakfast in the hotel as it was included in the price of our stay. Then we left our luggages in the reception and went exploring the city.

First thing we did was take a trip on the colorful canal boats, otherwise known as  “moliceiros”. A moliceiro trip through this quaint city will provide you with a unique viewpoint so you can admire the city from the water. 

During this tour guide, the guide was speaking in English and Spanish, and taught us interesting facts about the city and its history. The ride lasts 45 minutes, and takes you through the center, as well as to the outskirts of the city.  

A ride cost us 15 euros per adult and kids for FREE, and there are multiple stands where you can buy your ticket all along the canals. 

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Exploring the streets of Aveiro:

Once we had our trip by the river done, we went wandering through the tiny streets of Aveiro. Here to mention, that in 1h or 2h you can easily see all the city center.

It was already lunch time, and we didn’t hesitate to stay at one of the restaurants in the city center. We loved the place, we took some fish prepared in Portuguese style, kids took rice and vegetables. I would say that Aveiro was the most delicious food and not as pricey as other places.

After lunch we took our backpacks, and went to the bus station to take our bus to Nazare. But about this in the next post.

Close to the bus station is the train station, and it is so beautiful, just look at the above picture.

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