Lleida, kayaking at Pantano de San Lorenzo

It is widely known the impact of pandemic in our lives, and how it changed our vision to travel. It is true that we miss to travel so much, that every single escape is worth a treasure of emotions. Today I will share with you one of the most amazing activities in a while that we did recently with our kids in Lleida.

Lleida is a city in the west of Catalonia, Spain, or how many people say it is the entrance to Catalonia region from the center of Spain. Lleida is one of the oldest towns in Catalonia, with recorded settlements dating back to the Bronze Age period. But, we won’t talk about the history of this place, but mostly about the beauty of it. 

Lleida is well known for the Pyrenees mountains and a lot of famous lakes all around the region. You barely find out something about the city on the internet, but for sure you will find a lot of amazing things about the wild and beautiful nature of the region of Lleida. Depending which lake you choose to visit from Barcelona, then you have to drive from 2 up to 4 h. We decided to go to the closest one, as we went to the lakes with kids, and we didn’t want to have a long trip, and we chose Pantano de San Lorenzo, it is less than 2h drive from Barcelona.

As long as it was a 1 day trip, without staying in any accommodation, we went earlier in the morning and came back late in the evening. Pantano de San Lorenzo was a good choice for several reasons, the first one, obvious that it was closer, and another that it has a camping close by (Camping La Noguera), where we rented kayaks, and had our lunch time there. Very practical, if you don’t want to take a picnic with you. Well, it is not about us, when traveling with kids, you still have to take some snacks, even if you plan to eat in the restaurants.

The San Lorenzo de Mongay reservoir (officially in Catalan, embassament de Sant Llorenç de Montgai) is located on the Segre river, between Camarasa Fontllonga and Balaguer, downstream from the confluence of the Segre and Noguera Pallaresa rivers, in the region of Noguera (Spain). The swamp was built in 1935 and is declared a Natural Reserve of Wild Fauna.

Walking around Pantano de San Lorenzo is a delight, where you can see water birds. It is also possible to do kayaking, climbing and hiking trails. These are the exact activities that we did with our kids there. First, we rented 2 kayaks at Camping La Noguera, for 2 hours. Here to mention, that you take the kayaks, and you don’t have to decide how long your trip will be, once back, at the reception they calculate the price in terms of the time you used the kayaks, very comfortable.

When we started to kayak, first, we had to pass the Natural Reserve of Wild Fauna, once we passed the place, we could go wherever we wanted. It was an amazing experience, first because we went kayaking on the lake, previously we did it on the sea, and second it was so beautiful. Damian’s first words were that we kayak in a painting, so beautiful it is the place.

After kayaking 2 h, we went hiking. There is a special trail that you can go within some most picturesque fields. People run, make sports over there, but we just enjoyed the fresh air and amazing views.

On our way back to Barcelona we were so tired, but so delighted by such an intense day in nature. After such small escapes, one can realise how beautiful were our lives before pandemic, and how good it is to come back to normal life. There is no greater gratitude than escaping the city life into these pure nature oases.


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