Photo shooting in Montseny with MarieMarryMe

Eva from  MarieMarryMe came up with a photoshoot idea, and when choosing between sea and forests, the choice came up on the second one. You will ask, why, when we live in Barcelona? Indeed, photo shooting by the sea has its pros and cons, pros, are that it is very beautiful anywhere you go in Barcelona, and the shooting by the sea, seems like something magic. But, as well, on the beach there are always so many people in the summer, and a photo shooting is not so easy to do.

Eva came with the idea to go to Montseny, and I totally agreed, there were some times that I dreamed about a photo shoot in the forest, with big trees, all greeny and where there are almost no people.

The Montseny Park is UNESCO protected area and as well is a home to a wide variety of fauna from Mediterranean to alpine. It is a perfect escape from the city life to nature, a great way to breath fresh air and have some fun with kids.

For a very hot summer, Montseny is a marvelous escape from the city to the forest. If you want to find more about escaping to Montseny, here is one of our previous posts. But for now, let’s watch the beautiful pictures made by Eva.


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