Natural park Montseny. 1 day trip with kids from Barcelona

This Easter holidays we decided to stay at home. But, as far as you know we can’t staycation more than 1 day. That is why we decided to go to Montseny. Montseny is a natural park not far from Barcelona. The Montseny massif is located within a triangle formed by the AP-7, C-17 and C-25 roads. It has the highest mountains in the area south of the Pyrenees and dominates the plains south of Girona.


The Montseny Park is UNESCO protected area and as well is a home to a wide variety of fauna from Mediterranean to alpine. It is a perfect escape from the city life to nature, a great way to breath fresh air and have some fun with kids.


Our main idea was to get out and to enjoy a really sunny day, first sunny weekend in a while. And other priority was to discover the abandoned plane of Montseny, but unfortunately once we got there, we were told that it was taken few months ago from the park.

As well, from Tourism Board of Montseny we were advised to make a route, the route is about 6km and it is like a little circle within the park. The route begins at Sta Fe del Montseny, ctra BV-5114 on km 21. It is the smallest route to enjoy, as there are lot of other routes of 12km and more, where people enjoy cycling and not only walking.

montseny montseny montseny montseny

Advantages of making the route:

  • You have the opportunity to enjoy the park to the full, to see the beautiful part of the park
  • You have such breathtaking views from the top, that aren’t compared to anything
  • Then there is a lake, where you understand that life is about nature and the mankind

Disadvantages of making the route with kids:

  • We didn’t take into consideration the age of our kids. It is very important to enjoy such route with kids at least 5 years old. Daddy almost all the route made with our little one on his arms. The worst moment, Marc wanted to sleep, and the only place to sleep was daddy’s arms.
  • I think the best time to enjoy the route is in summer or in autumn, as the trees weren’t green still.

Our main thought about this getaway was to repeat our getaway to Montseny, but without making any route, till our kids will grow up, and we can enjoy it better. Natural park of Montseny is great because, you totally disconnect from the outside world. We even did not have the connection to call anybody nor to have internet connection. So, it was a total dedication to our family and kids, what can be better, don´t you think so?

montseny (1) montseny (4) montseny (8)

montseny (15) montseny (17) montseny (19) montseny (20) montseny (22) montseny (23) montseny (24) montseny (25)



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    April 4, 2018 / 10:57 am

    Thank you for the great experience on your site you share with us!

    • Travel Family Blog
      April 4, 2018 / 1:29 pm

      always happy to share new experiences with you!

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